Women avoid theft in the tech store

The issue of insecurity is something that happens in every corner of the planet, because ‘the owners of what is foreign’, as they are colloquially called, are people one can find anywhere, no matter what country, culture or place where we meet.

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On a daily basis, people who encounter this type of event are the most, unfortunately, merchants of public institutions, and they are the most exposed on the street to any passerby who wants to steal not only their goods, but also the product that they sold back in the day.

This was the case for This woman who, with her teeth and nails, defended herself in front of a man who entered her store to rob her. The moment was captured by the security camera of the place where it is seen how the concerned person enters the building and walks straight towards the cash register machine, to which the woman did not hesitate a minute to object to the entry of the box part and vow to beat him. The offender, by hitting him with his cell phone so the man throws her to the ground, shaves her cell phone and then leaves.

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The woman decided to go after the man as seen in the security video, but was unable to catch him due to the speed with which the thief escaped, as well as because he left his young daughter in the store. And although he managed to steal the mobile phone, he did not carry out his goal of stealing money from the cash register.

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