Wolfram Alpha now explains math in Spanish

If you go to school, you definitely have your own online toolkit that helps you do your homework or explain some of your subjects.

And one resource that often recurs in these selections is Wolfram Alpha. A tool that now makes it easier for you to continue solving your mathematical problems, because it is available in Spanish.

How to solve math problems with wolfram alpha

And although there are many useful educational tools, when it comes to mathematics, one of the most popular is Wolfram Alpha. Although it also includes other matters, we cannot deny that the process is for her Solve math problems step by step It is one of the easiest ways to follow.

And now Wolfram Alpha is even stronger, as this computational information engine has announced its launch in Spain. For now, all math related topics will only be included in Spanish, but they promise to add more topics gradually.

So if you have a homework about geometry, algebra, arithmetic, equations and arithmetic, among others, you can enter this link To make the various functions of this tool available in Spanish.

The dynamics are the same as you already know, so you won’t find any changes in the math problem-solving functions. And if you’ve never used Wolfram Alpha before, you’ll find that it only takes a few steps.

You can type a math question using the extended keyboard, input math, upload a picture, or create it from an example. By following this dynamic, you can solve differential equations, graph polynomial expressions, and compute integrals with graphs, among other options.

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Of course, you can also solve elementary math problems, such as arithmetic operations, fractions, and calculating percentages, among other operations. One detail to keep in mind is that some features of Wolfram Alpha are only available in the Pro version.

A reference that you will find if, for example, you want to see a step-by-step solution to a mathematical problem or download the exercise page as an interactive document that you can use offline. However, you will find many useful and practical functions of a workout solution without switching to any plan or creating an account.

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