With your mobile phone over the Spenger Werburg – on the trail of the ancient fortifications: a digital rally across space and time – Spenge

Museum teacher Marcus Cosfield was looking for a way to present the museum area to the public in a closed state and came up with the idea of ​​sending visitors on a digital tour of the outdoor area. “In this way we can generate interest in the historic facility and immediately draw attention to our exhibition, which we hope will be shown again soon,” says Dr. Werner Best, President of the Werburg Association. He supported Marcus Cosfield in designing the content for the digital tour, which follows the principle of scavenger hunt or geocaching.

If you want to give it a try, you should download the Actionbound app, available free of charge, to your mobile phone or tablet, if possible at home. Because there is still no public WLAN on the site. “But that’s in business,” says Cosfield. Then you simply scan the QR code on the palace window and you will access a quiz that introduces users to the history of the castle in a fun way.

For example, users have to estimate the age of the farmhouse, what was found in front of the house during excavations, the location of the defense tower or the length of the bridge over the trench once. The player comes across historical plans and some exhibits that he can see in the museum after the reopening. You get 100 points for correctly guessed stations, and you dash into a piggy bank.

“The digital discovery tour is designed across space and time for families. But it can also take place alone or by other teams. Even when the museum opens again, the app is a good idea during the week for leisure. This digital rally will be followed by more digital rides.” I’m really working on a rampage through the permanent exhibition as a kind of audio guide, “Coesfeld promises.

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