With Sweden and Finland, by Mikkel Rokka Junyt

Some analysts and even some politicians point out that the decision of Sweden and Finland to apply to join NATO is against their interests. They say that their security is in danger in this way and that, on the contrary, they live more calmly with their neutral status. What audacity! some sages It is located several kilometers away and pretends to see more clearly than the Swedish and Finnish citizens who live on the borders of Putin’s Russia, who fear that neutrality end in conquest

Some are so anti-Atlantic that they are even willing to portray Putin as a victim Claims NATO. And when they talk about neutrality, what they say and think is that Putin is doing nothing more than defending himself from the ambitions of the West. They find it difficult to accept that the norm of anti-capitalism is no longer, and cannot be, neither Putin nor Russia. That Putin today is just a reference to a totalitarian and repressive regime. nothing else. It is legitimate and even justified to question the capitalist system, just as it is legitimate to attack the inadequacies and inequalities that the system generates in many parts of the world and in our most direct and closest societies. But the fight for freedom, equality and justice can no longer have Putin or Russia as a reference. Moreover, today’s revolutionary world must denounce what Putin represents as an authoritarian, repressive, and invasive reference. If they don’t, they lose all credibility.


The vast majority of Swedish and Finnish citizens are the builders of one of the most socially advanced systems in the world. To maintain their progress they want – they need – the peace that Putin threatens. Who has the legitimacy to criticize this decision? In any case, if they do, they cannot ignore that what they are doing is support and threats to Putin.

And if not, let them look at history, let them read how the desire for freedom and progress ended for so many societies around us. And often you will see that the refuge of those who made it possible was a haven of neutrality. Maintaining peace through acceptance, tolerance, and approval of inclusivity always ends badly.

Two countries committed to peace want to guarantee the freedom of their people

So, solidarity with Sweden and Finland; I respect and understand your decision. Solidarity with Ukraine. All of its citizens know that there is no neutrality without freedom. They are defending themselves against those who – dearly – confuse neutrality with neutrality. Putin does not want these neutral countries, he wants to neutralize them. He wants to seize his sovereignty. This sovereignty that cost them so much to win and maintain for many years. They do not want the neutrality of the occupation. They want to decide their future without feeling neutralized.

No progressive should hesitate in this question. Sweden and Finland have been very helpful in explaining this with their decision. Two countries committed to peace, progress, and democratic transparency, and want to guarantee the freedom of their people. Now, does anyone want to properly discuss this with you? Even Putin had to tone down his threats. It would be really nice to know what those who oppose the will of the Swedes and Finns stand for. In the name of what and for what? Will it be to support Turkey?

For peace, may the will of Sweden and Finland be met immediately.

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