With fists and kicks, the passengers of the plane battled over who got off first

If there is one thing that abounds in social networks, it is instances of intolerance from people in different scenarios. This time, two passengers on a commercial flight stole the reflectors, and were shocked after the plane landed.

In the photos shared by Twitter user The Lord Zybach @zybach717, it was noted that the passengers of the plane were preparing to take their luggage and get off the plane, when the unusual scene occurred.

Trying to figure out who would take the bag out of the plane’s overhead bins first, the men got into a heated argument, pushing each other.

“Please, there are minors,” one of the passengers on the plane said, predicting without knowing what would happen. For minutes, those who remained on the plane witnessed a brutal fight that sparked tension and anger, and his video quickly went viral on social media.

The young man shouted, “Who are you to talk to me?” His interlocutor replied: “Sit on your damn chair.”

In the photos, the man in a blue shirt and beige pants can be seen making one of the first moves that raised the temperature of the discussion. He pushes the other passenger in red pants, retaliates by hitting him hard from the side, and then several punches as the man falls into the plane seat.

Other travelers intervene in an attempt to stop the confrontation – to no avail – between the two men, who continue to kick each other from their seats, while the others demand a stop and express their unease at the scene.

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“But what’s wrong with them,” one passenger can be heard saying in the background, while the others shouted and shouted.

“Are you going to attack me?” , said the man in the red uniform to his opponent, fueling the discussion. Within seconds, the passengers were sparkling in a fierce exchange of blows.

One of the travelers in the background decided to say “You have to get off first,” as they advanced and closed the aisle that had become bell.

The video has already garnered more than two million views on Twitter, thousands of “likes” and has been shared more than 500 times. Additionally, in the reply bar, users commented on the event.

“They are on the ground…I think they reported it to the authorities and kicked them off the plane. I refuse to travel with people like that on the plane,” said one netizen.

For their part, others emphasized that the desire to leave the plane is a frequent evil on commercial flights. “People go crazy when it’s time to get off the plane. Everyone wants to get out ASAP. Hunger and urgency bring out the worst in humans.”

“You should never blame a person’s education, culture, anger and impulsiveness for the economic situation. They have said more about your thinking in this way than about their reactions.” Another user, the person who originally posted the video, wrote for the description to which he attached the photos.

Notably, the message he’s referring to is as follows: “I’m not going to take an economy flight again, hahaha,” hinting that this fact only happens on these types of commercial flights.

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Avianca’s hilarious response to the ‘Moth’ comment

With over 800,000 followers on Twitter, Nelson Polania expressed his inability to believe what he experienced on board Avianca’s flight. Also, comedian Happy SaturdaysWith his unique way of communicating, he tapped into the interest of the digital audience to give a double-meaningful message.

“friends, I’m not the kind of person who believes in these things, but I’ve encountered a supernatural phenomenon. Imagine I got on an Avianca and it came true; I know it’s hard to believe these things, but I swear I lived it, and it wasn’t a dream or a mirage, I swear I lived it,” Moth wrote.

“We look to the afterlife and there are no records of paranormal influences in compliance with the journeys… On the contrary, we have more voice here confirming that we have 99.16% compliance on our flights. Live it and fly,” the official Twitter profile managers for the airline’s listening channel wrote.

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