With a floral jumpsuit and platinum hair, she is the queen of elegance

Gigi Hadid is about to make her Netflix debut: she’ll be among the new heroes of the Next in Fashion series. On social media, he gave a preview of the preparations, enchanting the audience with a daring outfit.

remake of Next in fashionThe fashion series, which has reached its second season, arrived this year Netflix. Of course, she was not popular in Italy at all, but given the fact that she will reach the well-known streaming platform, it is not excluded that she will be very popular in the coming months. The biggest novelty in this new edition is the presence of Gigi Hadid, who replaced Alexa Chung running alongside Tan France. Part of the preparations were documented on social media, as the model appeared in a glamorous and colorful version alongside her colleague: This is what she was wearing.

Who signed Gigi Hadid’s suit?

There’s only one month left until the release of the remake of Next in Fashion and Gigi Hadid is gearing up for her Netflix debut. He announced on social media that he can’t wait for everyone to get to know the talented designers competing, even if it’s just his looks that grabbed attention. The model dared with color, super bravery appeared in fluorescent green. She wore an Elizabeth Sulser jumpsuit, a “second leather” model whose silhouette rolled to scream, with drapes on the chest, a long belt in the same color around the waist, and “built-in” gloves. Above all, she chose an eye-catching crystal necklace, a solid model that added a sparkling, rocky touch to the overall fluorescent outfit.

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Gigi Hadid with blonde hair at Next in Fashion

It was her hair that made the difference to Gigi Hadid’s look. We’ve always been used to seeing her with golden or red hair at the most, but she changed the registry for a while. For several months, the top has been wearing a very light platinum blonde and in the Next in Fashion preview shot, she showed that she didn’t even give up on her first appearance on Netflix. The special thing is that it goes perfectly with Flo’s jumpsuit, which makes the outfit even more original and futuristic. In short, Hadid is all set for her debut as a prologue, and she certainly won’t disappoint fashionistas.

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