With 100% of the votes counted: Macron officially re-elected as President of France | international

French President Emmanuel Macron was re-elected by a margin of between 15.2 and 16.4 points over rival Marine Le Pen in the second round of the presidential election.

with the 100% of the votes have been counted in France, The electoral district of the European country indicated that the official results of the presidential elections consolidated the victory Emmanuel Macron Opposite Marine Lupine.

Macron won the second round in 56.5% of votes, according to the official results of Ministry of Interior Affairs, With a count of 90% complete.

This provisional number gives Macron 16.2 million votes, in front of 12.5 million Obtained by his direct rival Marine Le Pen.

National League leader achieved around 43.5% of the vote.

Both actually faced each other in the second round of the 2017 elections, when Macron won 66% of the vote.

In fact, Le Pen described it “Historical” Its result this Sunday, unprecedented for the far-right in France.

Data from the Ministry of Interior indicate that the participation rate is about 73%. So the abstention would be 27%, highest since 1969.

4.7% of voters who participated voted in blank, while A 1.7% corresponds to invalid votes.

Macron defeats Le Pen in French elections

The Liberal, 44, Exceeded 58% of the vote But he saw half the advantage that allowed him five years ago to win the presidency evaporated.

This data shows open wounds in a country during a period of crisis, from “yellow jackets” for the pandemic.

Another worrying sign is the lack of turnout, With an abstinence rate of approximately 28%, The highest in half a century in a second round, It was only overtaken by the 1969 presidential election, It was marked by de Gaulle’s withdrawal after the student revolts the previous year and by a clear call from the left to abstain from the vote.

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Macron was modest, aware of these spots in his speech, pronounce in front of Eiffel tower, Who reached him hand in hand with his wife Brigitte and turned him a group of children among the diaries Song of joy.

The president decided the 2017 party and admitted that the outcome of that night is out ‘A country full of doubts’ He promised to work to give them an answer.

After making sure of it “One party’s candidate is no longer the president of all”, I promised to “listen to the silence” of the abstentions and “anger” Of those who chose to compete and promised to open up “new era” With “new ambition”

hard mission

president, that due to the 2008 constitutional reform which limited the maximum number of consecutive terms to two, it would not be possible to run it in 2027, He admitted that it would not be an easy task.

Macron became the first president to be re-elected since 2002 and the first to do so in a presidential election he had also faced. by a favorable parliamentary majority.

sweeps the big cities, Among voters with a certain purchasing power and among the elderly, But it remains unconvincing in the most depressed regions.

There he fished Le Pen, who saw how his strategy of washing the face of the party, The campaign’s focus is more on purchasing power and the popular classes abandoned by globalization, He was allowed to advance and, for the first time in history, exceeded 13 million votes.

“unfair ways”

Aged 53 and with three presidential candidates behind her, the far-right leader, who assured that a fourth would not appear, was less strident on election night and assured her faithful that she would continue to lead the party, at least. Legislative elections next June.

denounced Le Pen “unfair methods” To remove it from the Elysee, and consider that its result ‘A victory in itself’ He considered that his ideas “prevaded” during the elections, which demanded strong support in the National Assembly for it “It constitutes an anti-Macron force.”

“In this defeat I see a form of hope. For our leaders and for European leaders, this result represents a challenge that they cannot ignore,” Le Pen emphasized.

And he warned of the danger that the president is in his hands “All springs of strength”, Which is something that, traditionally, all his predecessors have achieved in post-presidential legislation.

Macron himself won a large absolute majority in 2017, Although his party is barely a few months old and he is now aspiring to renew it in the legislative elections fifteen days ago.

To gain momentum in this election, Macron may appoint a new prime minister in the coming days to replace technocrats Jan Castex.

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