Will Triple H be a good president of the United States?

The United States Presidency isn’t too far away from WWE, at least recently. We can point to Vince McMahon’s good relationship with Donald Trump or the fact that Linda McMahon was part of the former national president’s cabinet, or the many years that there has been talk about whether The Rock would run for president at some point. And now the one we’re talking about is Triple H.

Donald Trump, Linda and Vince McMahon at the White House – Metro

► Kevin Nash, Triple H and the US Presidency

that we know Super fights, the chief creative officer of the fighter company does not intend to take this step. However, if he did and won the election, Kevin Nash believes he would make a great American president. As the Hall of Fame member pointed out in a recent episode of his podcast, above this. “Big Daddy Cool” also indicates that HHH has great self-control, which would be one of the many qualities needed by a ruler. And it does not have the above.

“You can make him angry, but he doesn’t get angry like a normal guy. Especially when he got to where he was senior vice president, he couldn’t. He always had a control that the rest of us (Click) didn’t have.” Paul is very sane«.

But the truth is The “King of Kings” has a lot to do with being the highest profile actor for WWE right now, at least on the creative side. Now he has more work than ever. And this is not without praise. Although we recently learned that Vince McMahon wants to return.

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Triple H debuts as director and leader of WWE's creative team on WWE Raw (07/25/2022) / Twitter.com/BrandoLightShed
Triple H debuts as director and leader of WWE’s creative team on WWE Raw (07/25/2022) / Twitter.com/BrandoLightShed

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