Why Windows 9 never existed

Windows never transferred Windows 9 (.EPA/ZOLTAN MATHE file image)

Updates coming to Windows 11Remember it in the past Windows 9 never came Although everyone expected it after Windows 8 has disappointed millions of users.

Despite the years, the reason why it did not appear is still a mystery. However, Microsofta responsible company, has compelling reasons for deciding to skip a number in its generations of operating systems. spoilers: They immediately disconnect from their past, as if they want to start from scratch.

Microsoft has distinguished itself through its technological innovations, as well as with Windows 8 chose whether to touch the screen of a computer or laptop, in a kind of hybrid between a tablet and a computer. However, it was never a feature so powerful that it became a worldwide trend.

Touch Options in Windows 8 (Image: File)
Touch Options in Windows 8 (Image: File)

Although the operating system wanted to do something different to distinguish itself, which was to unify the interface of a mobile phone with the interface of a computer or laptop, the idea did not work at all, because Made users feel that something was missing from the gel.

Between growth spurts, Microsoft has attempted to correct criticism and errors with Windows 8.1 The one released in 2013, which allowed users to log directly into the classic desktop, but that wasn’t enough.

Later, the technology began working on an alternative to correct the disaster. At the end of 2013 there was talk of the next big version of Windows, which everyone logically expected to be 9, to succeed Windows 7 and Windows 8.

However, when it is time for the company The new operating system was launched under the name Windows 10, skipping 9. The proposal was much stronger than expected, as it sought to standardize Microsoft’s hardware ecosystem. That is, giving the user the opportunity to control the PC, tablet, mobile phone or Xbox One itself.

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Presentation for Windows 8 (Image: File)
Presentation for Windows 8 (Image: File)

However, the tech company didn’t say anything about the numerical jump, however, Terry Myerson, who is in charge of development, noted in 2014 that: “Depending on which product is arriving, how different our strategy is overall, which It would not be correct to call it Windows 9″.

Also, I wasn’t planning on calling him either. Windows one And he made it related to the Xbox One line of devices, in addition, there was room for confusion, because the original version, released in 1985, was called Windows 1.0.

One theory as to why it isn’t in Windows 9 is that Perhaps it was because of a superstition, because the number 9 in Japan is unlucky. Of course, this idea does not seem to have much to do with the company’s decision.

Windows 8 boot options (Image: File)
Windows 8 boot options (Image: File)

Far from myths and user theories, the most accurate reason is that Microsoft wanted to give a ‘clean slate’clearly, without changing the name of Windows that has been its motto for years.

Thus, going from 8 to 10, marketing strategy has given a sense of superior progress and improvements, Separate your stumble from the new technological ambition. The new name definitely worked, and there hasn’t been another jump in numbers since then in the generation of operating systems.

Currently, Windows 11 is already there, and it is making improvements, however, it still does not have the same success as its predecessor, Windows 10.

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