Why is Amazon investing in green hydrogen?

The Climate Pledge Fundlowest Amazon Gifted 2 billion dollars He is known for his investments in companies such as Beta Technologies and Rivianaccelerate its efforts to Carbon Removal Company Operations globally by promoting Green hydrogen.

In this way, the Climate Pledge Fund revealed Investments in Electric hydrogen and in the fire of the suntwo companies the most promising In the electrolyzer development sector, main technology to generate hydrogen Zero emissions using renewable water and electricity.

The importance of green hydrogen

To stop the climate crisisWe need to continually develop innovative and scalable solutions, whether it is through vehicle electrification, investments in solutions based on Nature, decarbonized electricity grid or increased green hydrogen production‘,” says Kara Hurst, Global Vice President of Sustainability at Amazon.

and that is green hydrogen she is one from clean energy sources It requires more attention from investors. His promise to turn water into “uncombustible” Thanks to the process of electrolysis, in plants, which in turn get energy in them Renewable sources (solar or wind), did not leave society or companies indifferent.

Why is Amazon getting involved in this business?

in SpainThe capital Dedicated to developing this energy that promises to complete the existing green energy transition map around 1500 million euros from the public sector and 2000 if we refer to the private sector.

The the reason The main reason for Amazon entering this business is loyalty Decarbonization Targets for 2040, because you need solutions that allow logistics to get rid of its motives. Today, 25% of total emissions of polluting gases come from transportation and 20% of urban traffic is the result of transporting goods.

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one of the Examples Recently launched in Spain It is a green hydrogen production plant Iberdrola in Puertolano. This installation, powered by photovoltaic power, covers Energy Demand For Fertiberia Fertilizer PlantIt is located a few meters away.

Amazon targets decarbonization and zero emissions

For this power source to become a reality, there basic element Within its production chain, which is electrolyzer. The growing demand for green hydrogen is a fact, but these electrolyzers still exist They have a limited supply.

The Objectives The decarbonization and zero emissions of the Amazon are ambitious: Net zero carbon emissions by 2040, ten years before the specific Paris Agreements. To this end, its purpose is that its operations Use 100% of the energy Renewable by 2025.

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