Why Formula 1 has become so popular

(Motorsport-Total.com) – “Handsome drivers” answer Fernando Alonso when asked why Formula 1 has become so popular in recent years. Sports are currently experiencing significant increases in viewership in many areas. The sport, which was once so aloof, shows itself to be close to the masses and has done a lot in recent years to generate interest.

Fernando Alonso knows exactly why Formula 1 has progressed


This also seems to have worked if you look at events that sold out despite the sometimes horrendous prices as in Miami. But is it really because of the “handsome drivers,” as Alonso says?

We cannot verify this opinion, but the Spaniard still has a “real” answer to the question: “We are opening up this sport to more people and there is more access to the track. And we are starting to do a lot more,” said the Alpine pilot:

“In addition, we now live in a completely different world with digital platforms. There were a lot of things that were unimaginable ten or 15 years ago. All this opened up the field for the sport a little bit. Before that, Formula 1 seemed completely out of reach of Very difficult to understand,” says Alonso.

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In particular, the Netflix documentary ‘Drive to Survive’ is seen by many as an entry point for many fans who previously had little contact with Formula 1. “It has been a huge help to Formula 1 as it helped people understand the sport in a simpler way, Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc nodded.

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“And it gave face to the people in the background who are working every day and making the car faster,” Monegasse says.

The greater interest from the United States with three races emerging is also an important factor for drivers. In general, the sport was Americanized in a certain way and turned into a real event. “Of course it’s still about racing, but for me it feels like there’s something else every weekend,” says Valtteri Bottas.

“The atmosphere is more like an event than a race. There are other things like concerts or a DJ playing before the race,” says Finn. “Last year I felt more energy than I had in my whole career, so they did a great job,” said the Alfa Romeo driver.

Maybe it’s really because of the good looking drivers. You can include this as an answer option in your next survey. Then we will know more.

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