Whoever opens TikTok “opens” to the Chinese eye

The platform can now access European user data from other countries (including China). The issue of using social media as a means of espionage is back in the spotlight. The work of the Biden presidency, the European Court of Justice, and the assertions of the Chinese company

Chinese TikTok platform is updating Privacy Terms and Conditions for the UK, European Economic Area and Switzerland. The app is taking steps to inform area users that platform employees outside continental Europe can now access their data. The countries to which European user data is subject to access are Brazil, Canada, Israel, China, the United States, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines and South Korea.

tik tok he claims Remote data access is done for reasons of performance monitoring, maintenance, algorithm measurement, and account spread prevention forged And the bot. He also claims that this practice complies with European data protection legislation, the so-called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

question for data flow Between a country in the European Union and a country outside the European Union is very complicated. Contractual agreements between Chinese and European companies do not state that the government of the recipient country does not have access to that data. The problem, however, is that the European Court of Justice expressed itself two years ago saying that the transfer of data outside the union must take into account the same level of protection, with particular reference to the access of state entities.

Simply put, EU rules would like to prevent the Chinese government (or associated entities) from getting into the platform’s data flow from Europe. But, on the contrary, there are no contractual rules between companies that can prevent this.

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Spy problem then? This is not certain. on the newspaper WatchmanLecturer in digital law Michael ValeAnd the I have announced That China does not use the platform to spy on individuals. “They have other means of obtaining private information. Growing and enabling an influential platform is in itself a matter of strength.”

American magazine Forbes It is of another opinion. According to the newspaper, TikTok planned to geo-track at least two people in the United States. In this regard, the new privacy policy In Europe, it has changed significantly from “We do not collect precise geographic information” to “With your permission, we may collect accurate geographic information.”

Former US President Donald Trump He had issued executive orders to sell the company’s US operations, but Biden He scrapped those orders in favor of a softer approach. The result was a request to the Commerce Department to make recommendations to protect individual data in the United States from “foreign adversaries.” In addition, of course, to enhance the role of CFIUS, such as I already mentioned From Formiche.net.

in a letter Addressed to some Republican senators, CEO of TikTok What are you, Qiu?, stated that a “small portion of non-sensitive data” of US citizens could be analyzed by foreign employees. And only if the department approves it Safety Based in the United States. He then added that not even this data was shared with the Chinese government.

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