Who collects solidarity income: How do I know if I am a beneficiary, and how and when they pay it in Colombia? | the answers

When Won the election in Colombia, it was believed that It will end, because during the election campaign, the leader of the historic pact proposed to rethink this monetary support for families living in poverty and extreme poverty, and would put in its place a more beneficial support for all. This economic assistance has been collected since the beginning of the epidemic, in the government of Ivan Duque, and now it will continue to be paid in September, as part of a series of changes that have occurred since May. Check if you are a beneficiary, when they pay it and what are the ways to collect it.

Solidarity Income was initially designed to operate for a period of three months. Thanks to the Social Investment Act passed by Congress, and approved by President Evan Duque, the Social Welfare Program will be able to implement the program through 2022. The Social Investment Act increases program coverage, from 3 million to 4 million Millions and 85 thousand families of beneficiaries, from March and April 2022”, refers to the official page of .

How do I know if I am a recipient of solidarity income in 2022

One of the frequently asked questions Colombian citizens ask themselves is “How do I know if I am a beneficiary” of solidarity income in 2022. Well, we tell you that the first thing you should do is enter the official website of the Department for Social Prosperity and so on. Verify identity if you are among the beneficiaries. The official link is: . If you want to know your Sisbén score, you should follow these steps:

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  • Enter the page: www.sisben.gov.co.
  • Select the document type – enter the identification number.
  • Click Consult.

Do I have to sign up for Social Prosperity? tell you

In advance, we tell you that in order to enter the beneficiaries of solidarity income, you do not need to register, because this is the responsibility of SISBÉN, which is responsible for the classification of potential beneficiaries of the support. For further inquiries on this topic, you can go to the official page of DPS: .

When the solidarity income is paid | Identity Consultation

According to RCN, it indicates that the payment date of the new Solidarity income will be the last week of September 2022. Let us remember that according to the official calendar of the DPS (Social Prosperity), this support was to be paid to its beneficiaries. In the second week of this month. Once the DPS is issued for the official payment date, the amount can be collected every two months through SuperGiros, Bancamía or Movii. To do this, you must stay informed on the official channels of DPS.

How much does Solidarity Income pay for 2022:

These benefits are semi-monthly, so their payout is between 400,000 and 500,000 pesos. The delivery of funds is subject to the terms and conditions of the program.

  1. Group A: one person in the household ($400,000); two people in the family ($440 thousand); 3 family members ($480,000); 4 or more family members ($520,000).
  2. Group B: 1 family member ($380,000); 2 people per family, $396,000); 3 family members ($412,000); 4 or more people in a family $420,000.
  3. Group C: Families will continue to receive 400,000 pesos every two months.
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