Who can sign my passport? Explain the application process and how long it will take


Passport applications are currently facing serious delays due to backlog issues in the Passport Authority.

The backlog of 500,000 documents meant that Britons had to wait more than 10 weeks for renewal, and some complain that it took up to four months to receive their new passports.

Submission of applications can take some time in addition to application approval, as the passport office often asks a co-location to confirm your identity before the passport process begins.

Who can sign the passport?

Sometimes the government requires a co-signature to confirm your identity.

They are very specific about who can sign your passport. The person concerned must:

  • I’ve known you for at least two years
  • You can select, for example a friend, neighbor or colleague
  • “To be a person of good standing in your community 2 – that is, to work in a particular profession.

Examples of recognized professions are:

  • Accountant
  • flight pilot
  • Certified employee of a limited liability company
  • Insurance agent of a recognized company
  • Bank clerk or building association
  • lawyer
  • CEO or Director of a Limited Liability Company
  • podiatrist
  • Department Commissioner
  • City council, eg city council or local council
  • civil servant (permanent)
  • dentist
  • Managing director, managing director or personnel officer of a company subject to VAT
  • engineer degree
  • A financial services broker, such as a stockbroker or insurance broker
  • fire officer
  • funeral director
  • Insurance Agent (full-time) for a recognized company
  • journalist
  • Peace Justice
  • Legal Secretary (Fellow or Associate Member of the Institute of Legal Secretary and Protected Areas)
  • Hospitality franchisor
  • local government official
  • Managing Director or Personnel Officer of a Limited Liability Company
  • A member, employee, or associate of a professional association
  • Member of Parliament
  • Merchant Marine Officer
  • Minister of a Recognized Religion (including Christian Science)
  • Nurse (RGN or RMN)
  • An officer in the armed forces
  • Optician
  • Paralegal (Certified Paralegal, Qualified Paralegal, or Associate Member of the Institute of Paralegals)
  • Person with distinction, eg OBE or MBE
  • Pharmacist
  • Professional photographer)
  • Police officer
  • postal clerk
  • The head or secretary of a recognized organization
  • Salvation Army officer
  • social worker
  • lawyer
  • land surveyor
  • teacher or lecturer
  • union officer
  • Travel Agency (Eligible)
  • Appraiser or auctioneer (participating or participating member of the registered community)
  • Order of officers and senior non-commissioned officers
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How long does it take for my passport to arrive?

The government advises that you should allow up to 10 weeks for your passport to arrive, but some people have reported waiting up to 15 weeks to get a new passport due to delays with passport authorities.

More than one million new passport applications were processed in March this year, up 13 percent from the previous record set in March 2019.

About 9.5 million people are expected to apply for new passports this year, compared to an average of 6.5 million.

There are different processing times if you are applying for a passport from a country outside the UK.

In some cases, you may need a passport to travel urgently.

This can be for an important medical treatment, or when a friend or family member is seriously ill or has passed away.

If you cannot wait weeks to get your passport, contact Passport Advice.

If you have already applied for your passport, you can check the status of your application online.


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