When you’re as wealthy as Elon Musk, you can indulge in some luxuries, like using the Starship’s heat shield as a snack plate.

Through social networks, many users were able to see a “strange” piece that served as a snack dish during a meeting with the CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, With the President of IndonesiaGoku Widodo: One of the ceramic plates which is part of spacecraft heat shield.

Despite the conversation between the two, as they talked about “technology and innovation” according to Widodo, what stood out to the eye was actually a “painting.” It was under a small pile of cupcakes. The plate is designed to prevent the SpaceX spacecraft from eventually burning out. During the re-entry process And this is at least one “weird” way to reuse it.

Although the company or Mask has been suspended for the time being If it is already a thermal plateAnd Side roomsan engineer working for SpaceX, “confirmed” the theory, since now “There was no need to use protectionIn spaceships.

spacecraft protection

These stacked tiles allow a pattern of shields to be formed around the ship, like a musk Already shown high temperature to test its thermal resistance, Temperatures at the time of orbital entry can reach about 1,650 degrees Kelvin, or about 1,376 degrees Celsius.

Musk pointed this out These plates are hexagonal So as not to give the hot gas a “straight path” through which it can accelerate through the gaps and is installed only in the atmospheric part of the ship.

At the moment the spacecraft is expected to Stay on the ground until at least JuneBecause you must first finish Environmental Impact resulting from their flights, meanwhile, the armor parts seem to go on to have more uses than just protecting the ship from its launches into space.

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