When it comes out and what to expect

Michela Giraud arrives on Netflix with a special comedy show. He’s been making the leap for quite some time now and this ice is yet another confirmation of a fast-growing career that makes him a likable character. Her show, The Truth, I Swear To You, is the centerpiece of her life, as she herself explained.

Here’s when Michela Giroud’s stand-up special will be shown and what to expect from this show. A live taped show in front of an audience fascinated by true comedy. His times were as good as ever and his stories stinging and terribly true.

Michela Giraud, Netflix: When to go out and where to see

Wednesday, April 6th, “The Truth, I Swear”, the stand-up special by Michela Giroud. Netflix is ​​set to land at 9.00 and to appreciate the show, all you have to do is access your profile on the streaming platform. This is visible on all devices: smartphones, tablets, computers, consoles, and smart TVs.

Michela Giraud Special on Netflix

In recent days, Michela Giraud has given several interviews, in which she talks about her Netflix comedy, about her life, which the show was funnyly focused on, and more. She knows that she is not known throughout Italy or loved in all areas. However, the Netflix special will open new doors for you, that’s for sure. It’s something that really happened with LOL, in Prime Video.

So he thought of making some kind of summary about his life. That’s why the truth I swear. She explained in her own way how she got here. It is the time when one is required to be good and, at the same time, to be naked. However, there are issues that he does not like to talk about, but by comparing himself to Netflix, he discovers and understands that they are the things that interest him the most-

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So, from a certain point of view, we’ll see the unprecedented Michela Giroud, ready to confront her own weaknesses and issues with her family, like her sister’s disorder, which is part of the autism spectrum: “I wondered what’s done once you get to the vision. You buy the bags and then maybe tell your story. My work It’s complex and can make people less lonely, or cause them to not be afraid of different people. My experience is closely related to my work. If it hadn’t happened to me I wouldn’t have done this in life.”

He explains that his sister says everything he thinks of. Her condition represented a forced rupture in the bourgeois world in which they had grown up. She says what others would like but can’t. He opened her eyes and made her understand that she could laugh at the suffering. But there are more episodes that try to drag you down and leave scars.

Michela Giroud, in her interview with Corriere della Sera, made it clear that she wants to dedicate her Netflix to the powerful women who raised her, her mother, her sister, and her grandmothers. He has a goal in mind and intends to reach it with the laughter of the audience: “I want to scratch those who think they are on the right side, and lead those who think they are wrong into a black hole.”

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