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in You can now send all kinds of messages and videos with a maximum of 2 GB. This way you can share all kinds of zip documents in case you forget them on your home computer. But in recent days, one detail has caused problems.

This is a message that starts with wp20.ru. what is he talking about? If your friend, partner or unknown contact sends it to you, it is better not to pay attention to it because it can be very dangerous for your account. . Here at MAG we give you some recommendations.

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What is WP20.RU on WhatsApp

  • First of all, it is a virus. If you enter the link, the malware will be automatically installed on your mobile phone which will result in indiscriminate advertisements being sent to you.
  • Likewise, if you enter the link, some of your personal information on WhatsApp may be captured by a computer virus.
  • What is recommended is simply not to enter the wp20.ru link.
This is how the URL you should never open in WhatsApp is displayed. (Photo: Mag – Rommel Yupanke)
  • In case it is sent to you by a known person, it is better to ignore it and delete the entire conversation to protect your WhatsApp.
  • In case there is someone you don’t know, just block them as this will prevent them from sending this kind of information to you to your cell phone.

Why should you clear WhatsApp cache

  • First of all, clearing WhatsApp cache will free up some space on your mobile device. Often times this tends to be over 1 GB.
  • Similarly, deleting the app’s cache will also prevent the app from suffering from bugs or some bugs.
  • In the same way, if you wish to do this, you will also delete some unwanted files that were only used to update or install WhatsApp.
  • It is worth noting that by clearing the cache, you will not delete documents, let alone delete photos, videos or chats.
  • It also does not work to log out of the express messaging app. In case you want to do this, you should click on “Force Close”.
  • To delete the cache, you have to go to Settings & Apps and search for WhatsApp.


If your account is disabled, you will see the following message when trying to access WhatsApp: “Your phone number cannot use WhatsApp. Please contact support for assistance.” according to whom WhatsApp blocks accounts if they believe account activity violates their terms of service.

How do you know if your friend or partner has added you to WhatsApp

  • The first thing will be to log into WhatsApp.
  • Click Settings and create a broadcast list.
  • At that time, you should specify the contacts you have doubts if you have identified them or not.
  • When you have everything, you should write a salutation.
  • Now wait about an hour to see if everyone you sent has read it.
  • If they do not appear in received or read messages, it means that they did not schedule your appointment on WhatsApp.
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