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There are always more tricks to take advantage of Especially if you are someone who likes to play pranks on your contacts. Do you already know how the “invisible message” trick works? We tell you the whole process so you can laugh with your friends and family.

The trick is simple and you don’t need to download weird third-party apps, something we don’t recommend to avoid malware and the risk of losing personal information like banking details, private photos, and social networking passwords.

The process starts with the latest download of Depending on your phone’s operating system (Google Play on Android, App Store on iOS). Then, you will have to do both of these steps on your mobile phone:

  • Open Google Chrome, Brave, Mozilla Firefox or your favorite browser app
  • Go to Google page and search for “U+2800″. Choose the first result Unicode character.
  • There is a blank space between the quotes, you will have to select and copy it.
  • Enter WhatsApp and search for any conversation
  • Paste the invisible text you just copied and you’re done. You will see that the Submit button has been activated.

If you usually chat with your friends through the desktop version of the instant messaging app, you will be glad to know that this trick also works from any PC or laptop.

WhatsApp | How to access the multi-device function

Users must update to the latest version of Then they can connect the app to the paired devices. To use the platform on multiple devices, users must first open WhatsApp on their Android smartphone, tap on the three-dot menu, and select the paired devices. iOS users can directly select paired devices through the Settings option.

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Next, you need to tap on Pair a Device and unlock the phone using biometric authentication or entering the PIN. Now all you have to do is open or the app desktop on PC or laptop and scan the QR code via your smartphone.

The device will be linked and users can use multiple devices to send and receive messages. However, WhatsApp has reported that it is not possible to display the live location on the paired devices. Also, creating and viewing broadcast lists or sending messages with link previews will not be available in the web.

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