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Do you want to try the latest tools Before it is enabled for everyone? Well, just enter a file To sign up for the beta, various testing functions are enabled before accessing all versions of the app.

The previous update (March 3) enabled the “Communities” system. And where is the main menu in the application so that you can find people who share a topic that interests you.

Today, March 4th, the beta server has been updated with an intriguing new menu. In November of this year, the company enabled the interaction settings menu in chats, but removed it immediately.

This same thing came back to be able to touch up some of the details of the new reactions. From now on, you can reply to a message with an emoji, although it can be a little annoying at times.

For this reason, Meta has enabled a new tool in the Settings menu. If you have the beta version of WhatsApp, it is only necessary to enter “Notifications” and there you will find the reaction notification switch.

You can turn it off so you don’t see the emojis they send you, but you can see the emojis you share.

WhatsApp is back with a tool that was removed from beta at the end of 2021 (WaBetainfo)

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