WhatsApp includes new emojis, what are they?

New update for The WhatsAppthe most used instant messaging app on Android and iOS smartphones, has arrived with a new series of emojis to respond to our contacts.

From a melted face to a pregnant man, these are just some of those emoticons that make up our new set of 65 emojis.

New icons

  • happy face melts
  • Face with open eyes and rolled over his mouth
  • The face that covers the face with the hands and appears to the eye
  • Military salute face
  • A serious face with lines around it
  • Happy face, tears in her eyes
  • A hand with the intention of saluting left and right
  • shake hand
  • A hand that gives something and a hand that receives something
  • biting fingers
  • Hands that make up the heart
  • hand pointing
  • king
  • Pregnant man or pregnant transgender woman
  • lip biting
  • ogre
  • coral
  • pink flower
  • Live with eggs and without eggs
  • seeds
  • a cup of water
  • sliding
  • tire
  • Life jacket
  • An eye in the palm of a hand
  • Disco music field
  • battery
  • crutches
  • X ray
  • bubbles
  • identification document

How can it be downloaded?

If the cell phone has an Android server, they have to go into the Google Play app to check if the new update is available and so they can download it.

On the contrary, iPhone branded mobile phones will have to go into the iOS Store app to verify that they have the new WhatsApp update. Once in, the Settings section of the iOS Store will let you know which apps have pending improvements to download.

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