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Today we’re going to teach you how to recover your deleted . The app continues to be one of the leading programs for Android and iOS devices. According to the latest report from , The app has once again gained a number of downloads to the same Messenger from Facebook or Telegram.

Although it sent a message of new policies to all users who still did not accept it The application is most used not only for writing, but also for sending documents, videos, images, and GIFs, among other types of multimedia content.

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However, sometimes we end up making mistakes and deleting an entire conversation or a picture that we always liked. For this there is a trick to be able to get it back.

Of course, it is not necessary to download a third-party app that asks for your permission to enter your personal information or data from .

How to recover deleted messages from WhatsApp

It has a method that enables you to recover that image, video, or text that you accidentally deleted, but for this you must adhere to some rules:

  • First if you delete a message from Then you backup your chats, you will not be able to restore them.
  • If not, then you will have to simply uninstall WhatsApp.
  • Then install it from Google Play Store or iOS Store.
  • At that time, register your number again.
  • From there, you accept the option to download the backup copy from the app.
  • This will refresh all your WhatsApp messages, including the ones you deleted.
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