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Many users think that it is impossible to send and receive messages from In two apps installed on different cell phones why? Simple, because when you try to register on another mobile device, the aforementioned platform that belongs to Meta will ask you for a verification code that will come to your phone number via SMS, if you enter it, your account will be automatically closed in the primary phone to open it on the secondary

The verification code will remain valid, this method of security is intangible, however, the WhatsApp account can now be used on two cell phones without the need to install APKs such as WhatsApp Plus or applications from external sites, you will do everything through the application is stable The WhatsAppDo you want to know how to do it? From Depor we will explain it below.

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So you can send and receive WhatsApp messages on two different mobile devices

This is the new “Companion” mode, a function that allows users to link their account to another smartphone, something that no one expected because they thought it was impossible to do. The process will be the same as syncing on WhatsApp Web, desktop and tablets, by scanning a QR code, only that the person who owns the secondary device has to perform a previous process to access their QR code.

  • Companion mode is only available in the beta program but on a very limited basis for some testers.
  • Later we will tell you how to get the trial version From The WhatsApp for Android users.
  • according to wabetainfothrough a (currently unknown) process you will get to a part where you have to add the country of your phone number, your country prefix and of course the number.
  • The cell phone will immediately show you a QR code that you have to scan with the other device in the traditional way.
  • Go to Settings > Paired Devices > Pair Devices.
  • Messages you send and receive will appear on both devices at the same time.
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This is the preview for linking your WhatsApp account to another cell phone (Photo: WabetaInfo)

How to download WhatsApp Beta for Android phones?

  • Go to the Google Play Store android and search for the app The WhatsApp.
  • Click on the first app that appears and scroll down.
  • Click the “Be a beta tester” option. If you don’t see it, access this to go straight.
  • After that, click on the “Become a validator” section and you will already have the trial version.

What does one gray check mean in WhatsApp?

  • Many times when you try to send a WhatsApp message, it stays on one check.
  • Some believe that the other person has blocked them.
  • However, there are different meanings related to the gray check.
  • One is that the other person may have decided to remove you completely from the app.
  • The other also has to do with that contact being in a place where the signal to your cell phone does not lead.
  • A gray check means your message was sent, but it doesn’t mean it was received.
  • If two messages appear grayed out, that means that person already has your message on WhatsApp.

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