WhatsApp: Easy to send audios with Darth Vader’s voice

Use Darth Vader’s voice in WhatsApp audios. (Photo: first half)

As is already known, The WhatsApp she is one from Applications The most used in the world. Millions of users are choosing this app to communicate with everyone regardless of geographical distance. For a good reference among consumers, the creators always surprise with the constant updates and Tricks released to present to the community.

Texts, videos, documents, PDFs, images, and more files can be sent via WhatsApp. Also, users have an important choice of Send voice notes.

So, if you are a user who loves classic movies from star Wars He usually talks every day with friends or family via WhatsApp below Infobae will show how you can send a voice with a voice Darth Vaderthe villain in this story created by George Lucas.

The trick can be done from You are the fakea website that excels in making sounds using different anime character voices, films even series From the television. The most famous of them: Darth Vader, Goku, Homer Simpson, Dexter and others.

This is possible thanks to the authentic sounds Romero Garcia (Darth Vaders), Mario Castaneda (Goku), Victor Manuel Espinosa (Homero), among others who dubbing in Spanish, English and Japanese Latin america.

The Fake You website.  (Photo: You are fake)
The Fake You website. (Photo: You are fake)

How to send audio with Darth Vader’s voice

1. Make sure You have the latest version of WhatsApp on Device. If it is installed, there will be no problem with sending audio.

2. Now, from A cell phone or the computerAnd the must visit www.FakeYou.com

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3. Once in, you have to fill in the blanks: in category You have to leave it as is (“all votes”) and in Voice Various characters can be chosen; Like Homer Simpson, Goku, Dexter and of course Darth Vader.

Darth Vader's voice in Fake You.  (Photo: You are fake)
Darth Vader’s voice in Fake You. (Photo: You are fake)

4. Once you are done with the above, you can see a file Blank white box. There you must type the text you want to send. For example, you could write to your best friend and say, “Jose, I’m your father.”

5. A little further away there is a button that says speak. Tap and then you will see that the audio plays automatically.

6. Finally, touch File Three dots symbol Along with the sounds download audio And that’s it, you can Share the audio with a friend on WhatsApp.

Darth Vader's voice results in Fake You.  (Photo: You are fake)
Darth Vader’s voice results in Fake You. (Photo: You are fake)

How to set Homer’s voice as WhatsApp message tone

First of all, you need to know that the trick It will only work if you have WhatsApp installed on your phone Android operating system.

What is more, It is first necessary to download Homer Simpson’s audio in MP3 format. To find the sound in Youtube We have to go to this link. It should be noted that the link is one of the many sounds that can be found from Homer on the platform. even in, You can use Bart Simpson’s voice.

To download on your smartphone Different pages can be used Download music from this portal, It is only necessary to paste the link and choose the format.

Bart Simpson's voice for WhatsApp.  (Photo: YouTube / TodoTOP)
Bart Simpson’s voice for WhatsApp. (Photo: YouTube / TodoTOP)

Step by step so that Homer Simpson can be notified when there is a new message on WhatsApp

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1. Once you download a file Homer Simpson go to the The WhatsApp and touch the icon three points It is located in the upper right corner.

2. Select an option setting and later notices.

3. Enter the option notification tone The ringtone will appear by default.

4. Go to the end and you will find the option Add a tone.

5. Touch her and Search for Homer Simpson MP3 audio which was downloaded from youtube.

And that will be all. after save Changes, when a contact texts you on WhatsApp, you won’t hear the default message tone, but Homer Simpson’s voice.

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