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The News on Netflix They never run out and there’s one thing that’s definitely interesting: one Spanish series from Excitement type And teen dramawhose young heroes share one Ceremony On an island, with unexpected consequences. Let’s talk about Welcome to Edencomposed by Joaquín Górriz and Guillermo López.

Bienvenidos in EdenThis is the original title, it will be available in a few days at running platform. The title deliberately plays with Eden ideathat’s by saying earthly paradise: me young heroesIn fact, they are invited to take part in an experience that looks really cool and perfect, starting from the place where it is held. But not all that glitters is gold: even heaven has gods dark sides? To find out, all that remains is to wait for a program to appear TV seriesin which spit Among other things there are also Singer Anna Minawho participated in Sanremo Festival 2022.

What is welcome to Eden

Five boys and girlsall looking especially good and active on social networks, receives a file mysterious call To participate in a party and an exclusive “immersive experience”: it will take place in secret island.

The building is exciting, but the situation takes an unexpected turn at some point. In the Trailer teaser Recently released by Netflix Indeed, we see young people taking part in the party on the island organized by a brand called Edén: it is night, and they are in the open air dancing, very close, to the beat of subdued music and under the increasingly evident influence of some narcotic or alcohol.

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the next morning Al Jazeera – which a few hours ago was very crowded, with DJ sets, cubes and dance floors – seems, however, deserted. It also reveals in more detail The second official trailerThe five heroes soon discover that, in fact, at the end of the party, the experience they were invited to continues when they enter kind of society Immersed in nature, led by a mysterious woman and made up of a few dozen young men who take on various tasks to support the group.

expertise Immediately annoying features: all participants wear similar clothes and participate in events and group meetings that sometimes remember the dynamics Sect. In addition, the community is strictly monitored by cameras And it would seem that it is impossible to leave the island, despite the fact that many participants intend to do so … the atmosphere, in short, who can remember prairiefull of tension and leaves no doubt that the true nature of the experience experienced by the protagonists will soon have disturbing and bloody effects.

Staff Welcome to Aden

In addition to the aforementioned singer, Anna Mina, is among the cast Welcome to Eden there Amaia Aberasturi, Amaia Salamanca, Begoña Vargas, Lola Rodríguez And Belinda Peregrine.

When it comes out, welcome to Eden

for the first time from Season 1 of Welcome to Eden above Netflix assigned to May 6 2022.

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