What will be the government of Rodolfo Hernandez?

Although Rodolfo Hernandez is known as a good manager in the Bucaramanga Mayor’s Office, some experts suspicious About his proposals as the new, definitive president of Colombians for the next four years.

Hernandez boosted his image with anti-corruption flags, which helped him win a place in Sunday’s second round of presidential elections, although he was criticized for His suggestion to combat it is not deep and concrete to know how he would do it And giving dynamism to issues like employment, savings and equality, issues he mentioned repeatedly during the campaign.

Carlos Sepulveda, dean of economics at the Universidad del Rosario, points out that the motto of the Rodolfo Hernandez government’s program in economic affairs was austerity. However, he stresses that the important thing is how to strengthen the policy.

“The key is How is it being implemented, whether through greater spending efficiency, through better bidding processes, or through more structural reforms? Depends on the candidate’s effectiveness in achieving effective spending, to have an effective impact on the economy“, He said.

According to the academic, another proposal from Hernández is the financial regulation of public companies online, similar to the method he developed in Bucaramanga. “If it is effective in this task, I suppose it delivers a good message that reassures the economy in general and the markets,” he added.

But the professor cautions that the candidate made no mention of interest rates or an anti-inflation strategy. “In terms of credits that It depends a little on the respect the candidate has for the economic institutions, notably the Banco de la República, which is responsible for monetary policy and inflation control. On the other hand, I don’t see a policy that jeopardizes or explicitly defines government actions against inflation management to give an opinion.

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Mauricio Jaramillo Jacir, a professor at the Universidad del Rosario’s School of International, Political and Urban Studies, asserts that if Hernandez becomes president, that would mean a very big setback in this matter.

His groundbreaking foreign policy proposal involves slashing the State Department’s budget, closing 27 embassies including Bolivia, Russia and Turkey. In the case of the latter two, this would have ended the work of the State Department years, as visas were abolished relatively recently. This shutdown will isolate us, he said.

Moreover, it confirms that the candidate It is not related to what is happening in the world, “The fact that he confuses the Organization of American States with the United Nations; the fact that he does not know how to manage the relationship with the United States endangers the foundations of that alliance that has cost so much to build.”

The academician makes it clear that he understands this general idea that diplomats are wasting, but, in his opinion, this is an unjustified concept. Close all embassies The effect is on the 4.7 million Colombians living abroad. People who need embassies to conduct many procedures. This puts people in exile at risk, who study, work or go somewhere for tourism and have nowhere to go.”

In addition, he warned that “a lot of international cooperation that comes from the United States, Japan and Southeast Asia when Colombia receives resources for demining, for social programs, for example, this is the work of embassies. Our economic model is largely based on our participation in international circles.” partnership with embassies.

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Juan Carlos Ruiz Vásquez, Professor at the Faculty of Political Science, Government and International Relations and former Director of the Master’s Degree in Security and Defense at the Higher Military College of Colombia, notes that the candidate faces this problem He didn’t say anything or express too loose thoughts.

“If a minister like German Vargas Lleras is appointed, he will deal with security as it has been dealt with for the past twenty years. Vargas Lleras has very good relations with the general force in general because he is also a backup professional, knows the military, and has been in touch.”

According to him, this appointment would be in line with the democratic security of Uribe, Santos and Duque. “This means that this military policy is based on trying to seize certain areas, eliminating high-value targets and seeking to destroy coca leaf crops, and this would be the dynamic of this government with a minister like Vargas Lleras, if he accepted what if we could say that he showed that he is responsible Very effective.”

However, the expert cautions that this strategy fails because there is an impression that Ivan Duque has not performed well, “there are areas where the state presence is minimal and criminal gangs are controlled and the Duque administration has had some success eliminating high-value targets, a dynamic that is more than 60 years and it hasn’t been effective.”

Pedro Luis Pemberthe, Professor in the Department of Political Science at the National University of Sidi Medellin, points out that the candidate’s proposal is not specific in terms of political practice.

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“One could say that Rodolfo’s proposal was made essentially on two fronts: the first was that he supposed good results when he was mayor of Bucaramanga; and the second that it captured the rhetoric that what he would do in a possible government was against corruption.

According to Pemberthy, if Hernandez comes to power, the problem he will have to overcome is his relationship with Congress, since he lacks a partisan bloc.

Starting He had to enter into alliances with some groups that would allow him to implement his proposalsThat is, one wonders: how will he agree to his development plan? In addition, he does not have a table that determines his political proposal. I am very skeptical about the government of Rodolfo Hernandez because it lacks the political elements to establish consensus or political unity.

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