What technology did Liverpool use to reach the Champions League final?

Football Football – UEFA Champions League – Final – Liverpool Media Day – AXA Training Centre, Liverpool, UK – 25 May 2022 Trent Alexander-Arnold Liverpool player during training Photos via Reuters/Jason Kerndof

The players of Liverpool FC, who reached the Champions League final this year, drew the attention of the fans last Wednesday, May 25, during one of the training days, because they were wearing cables on their heads.

It turns out that those strange tools, which were on the heads of players like Trent Alexander-Arnold, wereWith brain sensors that increase focus at certain times and improve mental state for better performance on the field.

These brain sensors are a type of technology used to train the most important organ in the human body, the brain.

The cables that soccer players wear on their heads are known as electrodes and collect neural information It can work to focus training programs individually. In other words, after recording brain activity through these cables, aspects in which it is necessary to improve concentration levels can be identified.

These brain monitoring systems are primarily used in the health sector during operations that require anesthesia to control oxygenation in the brain.

evenly, This kind of technology, which is also known as brain-machine interfacewith the aim of improving the mental capabilities of the human being.

With the above, when talking about improving brain performance through technology, people might imagine superheroes like science fiction movies. However, what these techniques focused on medicine and psychology seek to identify is behaviors in which the focus is lower.

Something small, What these artifacts do is collect data on the functioning of the brain, with a system similar to an electrocardiogram or a polygraph, And then, through specialized programs, the collected information is decoded.

Electrodes alone will not improve people’s mental performance. “Let’s say the sensors are microphones that allow neurons to be heard.” explained Maria Lopez, CEO of Bitbrain, which specializes in developing sensors that detect brain activity and software that analyzes data.

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Finally, the aim of this technology, which is mainly applied in the health and sports sector, is to know the aspects of people’s daily activities, such as reading, learning, studying, etc., where there are attention leaks to be able to improve it.

for example, If this applies to children with attention problems, It will be possible to recognize the moments when they lose their focus and in which specific activities to be able to make a better diagnosis and search for a better solution.

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