What municipality is the main source of employment to the United States? – Sun Orizaba

Orizaba, Ver.- Sierra de Zongolica municipalities such as Astatinga, Tehuibango, Mixtla de Altamirano, San Juan Texhuacan, and Zongolica are the main sources of productive-age immigrants to the United States The field is left in the hands of the elderly and the aforementioned children David Rojas GonzalezRepresentative of the Mexico 2030 Movement.

Noting that in addition to giving up a few hectares for farming, he said: Migration causes the removal of indigenous cultureBecause young people adopt the customs of the country they go to in search of their dream.

Those habits are that when they return to the land from which they left, they pass it on to their families, which Little by little, they become a part of them and leave aside those who were inherited by their ancestors.

He said The municipality that led the migration is Astacinga, followed by Tehupango and the rest of the municipalitieseven the Zongolica municipality headquarters, said he is sending a lot of labor to the neighboring country to the north.

What’s worrying?

“What is worrying is that not only are the men of production age leaving, but the women of production age are leaving as well,” he said, adding that if they do well over time, it will be difficult for them to return to their home community. “.

“Many prefer to stay and live there, if they decide to take someone from their family, they do so, but it is difficult for the elderly, the grandparents, to accept, they prefer to stay and take care of their land,” pointing to.

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He added that when the youth left, There is no longer one to transmit the cultural richness and ancient traditionsbecause those who remained are already influenced by a culture alien to their land.

finally, Rojas Gonzalez pointed out that it is urgent for the government at its three levels to put in place real policies that help young people to survive and cultivate their land. and preserve their traditions

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