What is the most watched series on Netflix? Updated numbers from the catalog

In this sensitive period due to the pandemic, live broadcasting has become one of the main ways to spend some free time and the only way to monitor new movie releases with cinemas closed.

For this reason, streaming giants like Netflix have seen more than double the number of subscribers and view views, but let’s see together the stats for the most watched series with updated data through April 2021.

The platform divides the series’ views between the original, English, and original but non-English ones. The first season of Bridgerton with 82 Million Views And in second place we find the first season of The Witcher With 76 Million Viewers. As for Bridgerton, Reggie Jean Pegg recently explained why he is not returning in the second season of Bridgerton which will be centered around older brother Anthony.

Among the non-English, however, the first season of Lupine Which is also the third most watched series of all thanks to him 70 million views. In second place we find the fourth season of the Spanish series Steal money with 65 million viewers. However, if you like, you can take a look at the trailer for the second part of Lupine waiting for new episodes.

Finally, for the series of the week, the most watched are Ginny and Georgia, Sky Rojo, and season 4 of Riverdale.

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