What is dehydration and how does it happen?

Some droughts are normal, but they can also be dangerous, causing starvation and species extinction. But what exactly is dehydration and how does it develop?

Drought means crop failure and drying up of water bodies. As a result, people can die of starvation, animals perish, and species can become extinct. But what exactly is dehydration and when does dehydration occur?

What is dehydration?

Drought occurs during the extreme dry season when it has not rained for a long time or there is a shortage of water due to extreme heat. In some regions of the world it is normal, for example when there are periods of rain and drought. However, some droughts are not naturally expected and can become dangerous because people, animals, and plants are unprepared for them. The degree of dehydration also depends on how long the dehydration lasts. When drought lasts several years and its impact on humans, animals and nature increases.

How does dehydration happen?

subordinate Climate change It ensures that droughts occur more frequently, for a longer duration and above all in regions where droughts have not occurred before or very rarely. The degree of drought can be measured by the moisture in the soil. The calculation method was developed for this purpose. so called Palmer drought severity index It measures the moisture content of soil in dry areas on a scale between -10 and +10. Up to -2 speaks of the onset of wetness, up to -3 of moderate dryness, up to -4 of severe dryness and at -4 and less of severe dryness. There are 110 countries around the world that are prone to drought.

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Types of drought

There are droughts not only in Africa, but also in South America, Australia and parts of Europe. There are different types of dehydration that can be divided into three categories:

  • Meteorological drought: Such as drought exists if drought It occurs due to the lack or decrease in the rate of precipitation during a certain period of time.
  • hydrologic drought: to step Drought Over a longer period of time negative impact on agriculture, leading to crop failure.
  • agricultural drought: When the soil is so dry that groundwater is low and rivers or lakes have dried up – recently Italia Then one talks about hydrology drought.

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