What happened to Liz Campig in Australia? This is Captain Gina Oha speaking.

Liz Campage’s altercation with Nigeria during the run-up to the Tokyo Olympics is still fresh in Australian basketball’s minds. Months after what happened, which was kept in the absolute privacy of those present, it was Gina Ohey (Australia’s captain at the time) who decided to speak on ABC and corroborate the version of the facts provided by the journalist. Kelly Underwood.

This was the sequence on Australian TV:

Underwood: “It all started in that friendly match against Nigeria. It was never known what happened, but some sources confirmed it to me. Is it true that you were playing against Nigeria, Lise Campag lost her nerve and she turned to them and said, ‘Go back to your third world country’ ?Of course, Ezi Magbegor is originally Nigerian, a Nigerian now lives in Australia and plays with opals. As a result, a fight broke out and she has not spoken to her since.”

Oh: “That’s 100% true”

When asked about the future of the Opals, Oha also said she believed Cambridge would never play for Australia again.

The friendly match was suspended and the Australian Federation checked in Les Campag. However, before deciding whether to have a female athlete in the Olympics, the Australian star released a statement in which she abandoned her participation in Japan because she was not emotionally ready to fight for a gold medal in a new bubble.

This version of events follows the line of well-known small leaks in recent months, in which Australian journalists claim that Campig has used racist language to address Nigerians or that a friendly fight has broken out over him.

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Feedback came quickly. Lise Campig herself has confirmed on social networks that the version asserted by the former Australian player is false, while Andrew Bogut, who had already exchanged some words with Cambridge in high pitched tone in the past, has positioned himself in favor of O’ Hea, her teammates and the Nigerian national team. In fact, the former Australian player went even further on 2GB Radio: “There were more expressions that I can’t even say on the radio…There are some more words that can’t be repeated, to be honest with you. It was horrible.” Minuscule. You cannot justify these types of comments in any way.”

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