What does it take to be a web developer and what are the jobs

Another option is to do Specific web design courses. It is another way to gain the necessary knowledge to be able to create a web page and all the basics related to its maintenance and setting up. There are from the most basic to the most advanced, as topics related to creating web applications and not just HTML and CSS are also touched upon.

In general, we can say that the basic training for working as a web developer is related to software and programming. This will allow you to learn different programming languages ​​for the design of the website itself, as well as the web applications that are part of the page.

The functions that have

After explaining what training is needed to become a web developer, we will talk about it What are the jobs? from this job. A review of everything the employee will do on a daily basis and what might be required of them. However, it is something that is constantly changing, as with other similar jobs, so they have to adapt to the changes.

Keep in mind that this profession is sometimes confused with that of a web programmer. It is true that they both share the same field of programming, but in the case of web programmers, they do not perform the functions more common to web administrators. Therefore, we can say that they are different functions, although they complement each other very well. In fact, there may be similarities both in the necessary studies and in some of the functions they perform.

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Plan website design

The first job that a web developer should do is planning What will the design be? and how they will implement it. To do this, you have to talk to the client, find out what they need, which departments they want to create, etc. A general layout for the implementation of the design of what the site will look like.

Various aspects come into play here, such as creating an attractive and functional website that adapts to the topic. A web page dedicated to publishing news is different from another page where products will be sold. So all this needs planning done by the developer.

write code

Of course, the web developer will be responsible for writing the code. You must know languages ​​like css, htmland languages ​​related to servers and databases. This will be necessary to create applications for this site, do design, etc.

It is important to know how to adapt to what the customer will demand, which is why you need extensive knowledge of programming. Customer may request that a specific change be made to the web page or that an application be included to perform a particular function on this Site.

Create and test web applications

Continuing with what we have mentioned, the web developer will be responsible for Build and test any web application. This will always have a direct relationship to what the customer is requesting and the type of web page being created, since the needs can be very different.

Tests are run to verify that everything is working correctly and that it is following the planned script. This will also resolve issues and be able to improve on potential changes that need to be made in these web applications.

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Web Developer Roles

Page performance analysis

But not only does it create a web page and make it work, it really analyzes whether it meets what is expected. It is very important here to analyze aspects such as fast charging The site, loads correctly on all devices and there are no errors that can be a burden.

Keep in mind that it is very important for web positioning Make the page load fast. It is also important that it is optimized for mobile devices and thus be able to be used on other devices outside the computer.

site maintenance

Another important job of a web developer is to keep a file site maintenance. It is essential to ensure that all of the above is maintained over time and always working properly. Also, you may have to make changes to fit current needs.

For example, a routine task is Website update To achieve better performance and also to be able to correct potential vulnerabilities that appear that are a security issue.

Profile and knowledge

What profile and knowledge should a web developer have? We can say that he must be an assertive person, adapting well to changes and constantly training. What is valid today may not be valid in a few years, so you have to recycle yourself and always expand your knowledge.

It is important to have a large Programming skillsIt will have to deal with languages ​​like Java, PHP, JavaScript, HTML or CSS, among many others. Some more specific databases, such as MySQL or SQLServer, are also highly regarded in this type of profession.

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You must have too SEO knowledge, as this will be important for creating a web page that is in a better position in the search engines. For example, the ability to design it so that it is lightweight, loads as fast as possible, and thus pre-appears in Google and other search engines.

In terms of personality, the factor that can be key for a web developer is to have it sick and comprehensive. The first is because customers can constantly request many changes and improvements in the creation of the website. And the second, specifically, knowing how to take care of the details as much as possible and not overlook anything.

In short, the position of web developer is in great demand today but it will be in the coming years. We have explained what key knowledge you should have and also what jobs a worker in this field will perform. It is, as we have indicated, a very variable thing and for this reason it is necessary that it be trained to know how to adapt.

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