What do we know about the Kaiser’s fortune?

How much is Putin’s fortune really worth? Many have been asking for it for a long time, if only because the accumulated wealth will be the basis of their strengthHaving consolidated his grip on Russia and its political, social and even military system for more than 20 years now, and effectively declaring himself President for life, There are those who argue that Vladimir Putin’s secret fortune is in fact incalculable.

Obviously, understanding how much Putin is rich has been and remains the obsession of many foreign intelligence and hackers around the world.. But the personal wealth of Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent, is almost impossible to decipher and is likely to be distributed through a secret network of corporate property, real estate and candidate accounts. Indeed, at a time when his decisions are under scrutiny around the world, Because of the atrocities caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as well as the weakening of the thread that binds the world’s geopolitical balances together, The quest to define Putin’s legacy may reveal something about the secretive ways he exercises power over Russia.

How much are Putin’s assets: the key to his power

Among the first estimates of Putin’s wealth is a former mid-level Kremlin adviser the name of the thing Stanislav Belkovsky. In 2007, Belkovsky, It was reported that Putin’s fortune is not less than 40 billion dollarsAnd the A number that at that time could easily have placed him in the top ten in the magazine’s ranking of the richest men in the world Forbes. The famous American magazine, which focuses on the world’s richest people, still does not include Putin in its list of billionaires. In 2015, the magazine He said of the inability to verify adequate resources).

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Stanislav Belkovsky in 2007 based his estimate on Putin’s alleged holdings in several companies, mostly in the oil sector. during the interview It was published that year for the Guardian newspaper The former adviser said that the Russian president controlled 37% of the Surgutneftegaz oil company, 4.5% of the natural gas company Gazprom and had significant stakes in a commodity company called Gunvor, Belkovsky stated:

I think Putin’s assets are at least 40 billion. How exactly we can not know. I suspect there are some companies that I don’t know about.

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Why sanctions fail to affect Putin’s legacy?

The impact of sanctions directly on Putin’s legacy could be largely symbolic. Although Putin is believed to have billions of dollars in personal wealth, little is known about the exact amount or where it might be. Putin has left no paper trail of his assets, most of which are property and stakes hidden behind complex financial schemes orchestrated by those close to him.according to Panama Papers report. 2016 for the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

On paper, the Russian leader looks like a humble bureaucrat. In 2018, Putin filed an official tax return showing he owned a 74-square-meter apartment in Saint Petersburg, along with two Soviet-era cars and an off-road truck. The Kremlin says his annual income is about $140,000, which is not a number Too indecent in Russiaalthough he hardly allows Putin to show off his supposed collection of luxury watches.

Dilston, the international anti-money laundering expert, told CNN, who added – if the USA, along with the European Union, takes the search for its assets seriously, there will be many goals to be achieved. They will certainly be all over the world even within the borders of the European Union and the United States.

But will freezing Putin’s assets deter him from continuing to attack Ukraine? Dillston almost certainly continues:

We’re not talking about stopping anything. We are talking about punishing him. This does not mean that sanctions are ineffective. It could only slightly affect Putin’s legacy, but it would certainly undermine his credibility on the world stage.

Putin’s Legacy: The Famous Billionaire’s Palace on the Black Sea

Today it is estimated that Putin’s assets amount to more than 200 billion dollarsIt is impossible to estimate with certainty. Among the alleged real estate is a mansion on the Black Sea worth a billion dollars. It has an impressive colonnaded facade reminiscent of the country palaces built by the Russian tsars in the eighteenth century. According to the BBC. It also allegedly includes a private theater and landing pad with accommodation for three helicopters and bedrooms for security guards.

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The palace was built personally for Putin but he paid for with a secret black box created by a group of Russian oligarchs.according to a Russian businessman in exile for years named Sergei Kolesnikov, who provided evidence of the alleged scheme BBC A few years ago. Suggests the supposed scheme A system in which the power of the Kremlin gives Putin access not only to the corporate wealth of his country, but also to the personal accounts of the richest Russian oligarchs.

According to the book “The new tsar” To New York Times reporter Stephen Lee Myers, Putin once allegedly stated:

I am the richest man not only in Europe but in the whole world: I collect feelings. I am rich because the Russian people have entrusted me twice with the leadership of a nation as great as Russia. I think this is my greatest wealth.

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