What computer, router and cable do I need for 1Gbps fiber

One thing is clear to us: 1 Gbps of fiber is here to stay. which is that, in an environment like the current one, with more and more connected devices (smartphones, tablets, consoles, laptops, smart TV, connected things, etc.) and an increasing number of users browsing at the same time, Request speed connection And high-quality Wi-Fi in homes continues to grow. This is also something important in everything related to its use and equipment.

1 gigabit per second fiber, the highest speed of the Internet

If your home WiFi handles everything from HD video streaming and web browsing to online music streaming and gaming, it might be time to consider 1Gbps fiber-optic internet service, called Gig Speed ​​and Internet Speed Ultra-fast.

promise this high speed internet Capable of providing speeds up to 40 times faster than a typical home connection, based on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) standard for what constitutes broadband speeds, allowing users to improve internet speed and internet use at home on all computers.

Thus, the Internet transfers this data at speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) or 1,000 megabits per second (Mbps). At this speed, we can download a Full HD movie in just a few minutes, update your smartphone operating system in seconds, and join video conferences with HD video, among many other activities.

What do we need to use

In this sense, this connection can be provided in your home using Optical fiber cable or coaxial cable, such as those currently used to provide you with TV, Internet and home phone services. Most home internet services provide download speeds that are faster than upload speeds, given the needs of the average consumer.

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For example, the data speeds required to download an HD movie are much higher than those required to upload a link in a web browser. However, a gigabit service over a fiber optic network may offer the same speeds for both upload and download, or the same upload and download speed.

However, to take advantage of the 1Gbps fiber throughout your home, you may have to make certain decisions. To get started, perform a few tasks, keeping in mind Router setting For our operator, such as Movistar and Orange, the devices you will connect to the Internet. It is not very complicated, although it will take time.

Is it okay to use an Ethernet cable?

At this time, in a very easy way, we have two ways to connect a device to the high speed router. This can be done well by a Ethernet cablealso called RJ45 or Ethernet cable with an RJ45 connector, or through a WiFi connection.

In your case, the Ethernet option is the simplest way From Get the maximum contracted speed. The problem is cable pulling all over the house. Otherwise, your router has four Ethernet ports. You should know that in any store we can find Ethernet cables of several meters for 1 Gbps fiber.

On the other hand, what we have to be clear about is cable class. Category 5 or CAT5 cable provides a maximum speed of 100 Mbps. If you contract with 1 Gbps, you will need at least a Category 6 or CAT6 Ethernet cable. There are also Class 7 (10 Gbps), Class 8 (40 Gbps), and Medium classes.

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The rest of the equipment needed

Once we activate Speed ​​up to 1 Gbps As for your fiber-optic connection, we must bear in mind that even with a direct Ethernet cable connection to the router, the characteristics of the equipment and devices with which we will connect will determine the speed of your connection. To do this, and in order for your speed to be the highest and not to report errors, you will have to use the following equipment.

  • Cable to router: UTP-5e or higher
  • Gigabit Ethernet Network Adapter.
  • Processor: i5-7200U (Intel) 7th generation or higher. The equivalent at AMD.
  • RAM memory: 8 GB.
  • Network card: 1 GB.
  • Operating system version: 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • An updated operating system (Windows 7 or 10) and virus/malware free.
  • Browser: Firefox, Chrome or Edge
  • To perform the test, the computer must be booted into safe mode with network connections.
  • WiFi must be disabled on all devices connected to the router.
  • One network cable connected to one of the four Ethernet ports on the HGU.

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