What are the 3 TV series that beat ‘Bridgerton’ on Netflix

When is the first season of Bridgeton It made it to Netflix and ranked first effortlessly. But, over the years, other TV series have affected and replaced her record. What are the three most-watched TV series of all time Bridgeton?

there Competition It can be tough in any area, even at home Netflix. The streaming giant has created many original entertainment products including documentaries, movies, and TV series. And especially with regard to the last type, over the years it has managed to stand out in many genres. One of the most loved stories of the past three years is precisely Bridgetonset during the Regency era and based on the novels of the same name by Julia Quinn. produced by ShondalandEvery season he was able to monopolize the attention and get too early Most viewed of all time.


The platform was subtracted From other TV series that managed to break into the hearts of viewers. Netflix loves to share new stories: some succeed by comfortably positioning themselves on top classification (do you see Bridgeton); Others, despite the potential, fail and quickly end up Black list (do you see vampire). But what are the TV series that were toppled? Bridgeton blowing her crown?

The 3 Most Watched TV Series On Netflix And Which They Beat Bridgeton

month to month classification One of the most watched TV series ever on Netflix, mostly due to Ads It also does not lack access new seasons. phenomenon Bridgeton Beat the competition when relegated The first season. The mysterious love story between Daphne and the Duke of Hastings Permissible Shondaland It debuted in style on the catwalk and liked the story so much that it got a triple revamp. But over time, the release of other TV series led to her crown waning until it disappeared. It is in the first place Bridgeton arrived in the fourth.

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So who would have defeated him? In general, Netflix ratings are based on The number of hours Show per TV series in the first 28 days of its release. In addition, we also think based on the seasons. For example, file The first season From Bridgeton It ranks nearly fifth 626.5 million of watch hours. there the second seasonOn the other hand, I liked it so much by breaking another record Shonda Rhimes. he collected 656.2 million of watches. But in the first three places, there are other TV series that clearly surpassed her.

Paper House / Stranger Things

In third place there paper house, a much loved Spanish product that is now gone. Achieved 5th season in total 792.2 million From opinions. Too many have allowed Netflix to approve a prequel TV series dedicated to Berlin. In second place, however, there is Weird things with the Season 4He returned to broadcasting after a three-year hiatus. And I loved him to the point of reaching 1.35 billion hours Show. Who is it in the first place? A title that shouldn’t really surprise and continue to outperform the competition. squid game It is still the most watched TV series of all time on Netflix. At the moment it has almost arrived 1.65 billion hours displayed.

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