What are the 10 places in the world where there is absolutely no night?

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Did you know that there are places in the world where the sun never sets? Can Cubans live in a place where it is always daytime? Learn about the ten places that witness this phenomenon several months of the year.

Well, that’s how the days tend to be in the places closest to the Arctic Circle. For several months, the days are eternal, and they keep the sun 24 hours.

Known as the “midnight sun,” this natural phenomenon makes the sun visible 24 hours a day, on dates close to the summer solstice. In addition, the number of days in a year with the midnight sun is greater the closer these cities are to the pole.

The inhabited regions of the planet experiencing this phenomenon are Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia and the far north of Iceland. Below we present 10 cities where you can witness this unique event and the best dates that are recommended to visit.

1- Hammerfest, Norway

Hammerfest is one of the northernmost cities in the world, with a population of 10,417, and one of the oldest cities in northern Norway. It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for being part of the Struve Geodesic Arc. It is recommended to go in the months from May to July.

2- Iceland

Summer nights in Iceland are clear and white. In June, the sun never sets. Recommended places for midnight viewing are Grimsey Island, in the Arctic Circle, and Akureyrie City, especially in early May and late July.

3- Kiruna, Swedish Lapland

Kiruna is the northernmost city in Sweden with a population of 19,000. One of its main attractions is the famous Ice Hotel, located about 12 kilometers from Kiruna Airport, in a small village called Jukkasjärvi. It is recommended to visit this city from the end of May to the middle of July.

4- Nunavut, Canada

This is the largest and least densely populated region of Canada, located two degrees above the Arctic Circle and covering the northern part of Hudson Bay and the islands that extend into western Greenland. During the winter there are about 30 consecutive days of total darkness, but in the summer there are two months of sunlight 24 hours a day. Recommended to visit from April to June.

5- St. Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg is the northernmost city in the world with a population of just over a million people. Its location is at such a high latitude that for a month and a half the sun does not pass far enough below the horizon to darken the sky. Perfect to visit from end of May to first half of July.

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6- Svalbard, Norway

This is the closest place to the North Pole that humans can visit and it is also the perfect land for polar bears. From April 20 to August 22, you can enjoy sun-filled days.

7- Yukon, Canadaa

According to experts, it is called the “Land of the Midnight Sun” for its glorious skies displaying unparalleled summer light, which is adorned with wonderful nature filled with multiple species of migratory birds and wildflowers. The best time to visit this land is usually from the beginning of May to the end of June.

8- Ivalo, Finland

This is a small town in Finnish Lapland, where in addition to the endless days you can enjoy multiple ski slopes. According to the Finnish government, 66% of the world’s population lives in Finland’s midnight sun, mainly in Finnish Lapland. The best times to visit are from May to July.

9- Kanak, Greenland

A city located in the far north of Greenland with a population of less than 650. The period of the midnight sun lasts for two and a half months, during which its inhabitants must sleep with black curtains to sleep. The best time to visit this land is usually from the end of April to the end of August.

10- Barrow, Alaska

A small town with a population of just over 4,500 inhabitants where the sun does not set for three months and does not rise for another three months, which is why, in addition to the “midnight sun”, this region has a “polar night”.

To appreciate the “midnight sun” it is recommended to go from the beginning of May to the beginning of August. For the “Polar Night” from the beginning of November to the beginning of January.

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