For security reasons, contractors and forestry workers who took part in the mobilization on Route 5 South, in Mariquina Municipality, Los Rios Region, announced that it will be suspended until tomorrow. In addition, they noted that if the government did not announce its position during these hours, “they will return with more troops.”

Forest Contractors decided to suspend packaging On the river area Although no response was received from the government. But they declared that tomorrow they will “come back with more force.”

At 6:00 p.m., forest workers maintained mobilization at kilometer 785 of Route 5 south, in the sector of Ceruelos that belongs to Marikina Municipality.

The information was confirmed by one of the leaders who For security reasons they decided not to stay overnight.

Moreover, they added that if government Not uttered at night or early in the morning, tomorrow they will resume mobilization with “more troops” and “workers”.

It should be noted that the Forestry Union declared itself last Sunday, through a statement, in a state of mobilization, in the face of the wave of attacks that affected the forestry works.

Therefore, through this mobilization, they hope that the government will implement the state of exception for the Greater Southern Region.