Warrior Nun – Season Two: Series Review

From November 10, 2022, the fantasy action adventures of Ava and her warrior nuns return to Netflix for a second season of the series based on the homonymous comic book epic by Ben Dunn.

More than two years have passed since the release Netflix From Warrior Nun, as of July 2, 2020 when audiences found out at the end of the marathon of the first ten episodes that they wouldn’t get all the answers they were hoping for. The finale of the inaugural season of the Fanta action series is based on the comedy epic of the same name by bin den We are left in the moments immediately leading up to the confrontation between the warrior nuns led by Ava the Chosen One and the evil angel Adriel with his possessed minions. What happened in that angry clash in the corridors of the Vatican remained in limbo, at least until last year November 10, 2022the date chosen by the Stars and Stripes broadcaster to launch on the platform the second season.

Warrior Nun Season Two: The fluctuations of the front and the dominant positions change the balance of history

In the eight chapters that make it up, the viewer is left empty-handed in the previous chapter season He will learn about the outcome of that battle, but not before finding out in the pilot the place where the hero and the surviving sisters went to seek refuge and recovery before the start of new hostilities. After a jump that takes us temporarily farther from where we left off, we find Ava in disguise during a new training in an undisclosed location in Switzerland. From here, with the back and forth of the clock face, the answers to the questions that were left unanswered begin, revealing the fate of Al-Mukhtara and her fellow fighters after that first clash with the enemy of the turn, the same thing that they will reach to a final clash that leaves indelible wounds. But before the point of no return is reached, the opposing factions will collide on more than one occasion, and constantly reduce the dominant positions, with the factions themselves distorted by party changes, and spoiled by bloody infighting.

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In the second season of Warrior Nun Action and battles make up for writing shortcomings and ensure a minimum amount of spectacle

Nun Warrior - Season Two cinematographe.it

there The second season of Warrior Nun There are many armed and normal engagements, and most of them are amazing and well designed, which raises the bar compared to what it was two years ago. net visual effects who sometimes throw a tantrum, lowering the visual quality of action scenes, adrenaline is not lacking. Indeed, duels and group fights are the tastiest ingredient in a recipe that otherwise, on a narrative and dramatic level, re-suggests those chronic deficiencies in originality and structure that were already on display when the series first appeared. The events are entertaining but not sentimental. So we’re sticking to Military and Ballistic Show to give a boost to seeing the eight episodes we could have described in that sense given the recurring situations and dynamics. Scenes such as two against all in the alley and one in the prison cellar in the pilot episode, all against all in the church complete with long action sequences in the fourth, or the secret massacre of bishops and the liberation of nuns held hostage in an Eastern European prison, which is successively suggested in the fifth And sixth, the best the series has to date.

Warrior Nun It doesn’t have much to offer other than a tangled plot of Earthly, Otherworldly, Supernatural, Drama, Bildungsroman and Religion

Nun Warrior - Season Two cinematographe.it

Here then you have to stick to the aforementioned ingredient with your fingernails and teeth, from then on Warrior Nun It doesn’t have much to offer except for an interwoven plot based on terrain, otherworldly, paranormal, drama, and religion, with the latter exploiting scriptwriters’ use and consumption as bait to lure the curious. And as if that was not enough to stay afloat, as in the first season, he tries to launch new scenarios, and closes the doors to open others in the last minutes. Is it enough for the authors and the series to snatch the third season? Only the next few weeks will be able to tell, but given the recent cancellations of similar products such as Destiny: Winx SagaAnd the shortcomings And the partner tracksThe Netflix renewal is anything but a given.

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