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Netflix announced today, During the Italian production conference held in Rome in the presence of Reed Hastingsto work on it I wanta new docu series produced by Gabriele Immirzi for Fremantle Italy and scheduled for release in 2022.

Written and written by Alessandro Garamon and directed by Nicola Prosator. I want It is a crime documentary series with pops that reconstructs and tells the well-known but above all lesser-known aspects of a woman and a story that also represents a portrait of a historical moment and television era in Italy.

WANNA: The Structure of the NETFLIX DOCU . Series

For twenty years, Wanna Marchi was the most popular telephone seller on Italian television. His aggressive style, with which he addresses the audience, is the hallmark of the shows in which he proposes miraculous slimming creams. Throughout the 80s, her image and products went crazy, which made her very rich and famous, along with her only right hand, daughter Stefania. The two go from success to dramatic fall in the early ’90s, when the “Wanna Marchi Empire” collapses and throws them to the curb.
Disaster unleashes the desire for redemption in the two: After selling the illusion of the perfect physical form, they will move on to marketing the one thing no one thought of selling: luck. Slimming and anti-wrinkle creams give way to amulets and blessed numbers that are sold with Master of life Do Nascimento. This amazing money machine later turned into something else: a sensational scam, thanks to an unexpected partner: television.

Below you will find the first photos.

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