Wall Street Journal: The US economy will enter a recession within a year

Economie United State will enter Recession Within a year, following the policies implemented by Federal Reserve to combat inflation. This is indicated by a survey by the “Wall Street Journal” of economists, who, on average, estimated the probability of a recession in the coming months at 63 percent. In July, in a similar survey, the probability was 49 percent.

The survey reflects experts’ growing pessimism about the US economic outlook for 2023. Economists now expect GDP to shrink in the first two quarters of next year (0.2% in the first and 0.1% in the second). Experts interviewed by The Wall Street Journal also expect job cuts, with an average of 34,000 job cuts per month in the first quarter (38,000 in the second quarter of 2023). 58.9 percent of economists believe that the Fed’s increases in interest rates are excessive and cause an unnecessary slowdown in the economy.

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