Volvo Australia urges legislation for heavy-duty electric trucks

Volvo Group Australia has urged the government to move forward Changes to the law that allow you to sell heavy-duty electric trucks Transport and distribution companies.

company Last week agreed to sell 36 medium electric trucks To shipping company Team Global Express for use in the Greater Sydney area. While a vehicle weighing 16 tons can operate under current legislation, Larger vehicles cannot because of the weight of the heavy-duty batteries on the front axles.

“In the next year, as we want to introduce heavy-duty battery electric vehicles, we need a change in legislation,” Martin Merrick, chief executive of Volvo Australia, told Sky News Australia.

Last month, Australia completed a consultation on ways to do this Including more electric passenger cars, trucks and buses in its fleetA, because it seeks to reduce harmful carbon emissions. The newspaper said so Heavy vehicles are currently responsible for 22% of transportation emissions by the highway.

“What I’m hearing from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulatory Authority is a genuine desire for government to cooperate to accelerate this legislative change,” Merrick said. “They know what it takes for us to increase the adoption rate, and from what I’ve heard, there’s a real desire to do that.”

He said that while electric vehicles are ideal for charging services within metropolitan areas, there are opportunities for other operators to consider the longer-distance transportation option.

“We are seeing a change in mentality as well as a desire from companies to adopt electric vehicles,” he said, adding that 50% of trucks sold by Volvo are expected to be electric by 2050.

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