Vodafone now offers you assistance via WhatsApp

New times, new forms of customer service. Similar to mobile operators and other companies of all kinds, Vodafone includes WhatsApp among its contact methods. This is how this new system works.

How to communicate with Vodafone via WhatsApp

Starting today, all Vodafone customers can consult customer service through WhatsApp. This service has been available for more than a year for prepaid customers of the operator.

To do this, the first thing you should do is Add phone number 607100100 to your contact list And start a conversation via WhatsApp account.


Instead of having people respond manually, the system relies on a natural language engine (based on artificial intelligence) and during the prepaid phase it manages to resolve more than 14,000 connections per week.

This service will be free (with this in mind Using WhatsApp is really free), without waiting, with Attention 24/7 every day of the year And 100% ad-free.

Services provided Toby In the prepaid stage (which is not far from the rest of the customers) they were as follows:

  • Balance inquiry.
  • Benefits advice.
  • Renew your rates benefits
  • Information and contract for data rewards, international minutes and Vodafone Pass rewards for your social networks.
  • information rate.
  • Your SIM card has expired.

The first time you start a conversation, you are asked to accept General Terms of Use. Just answer “yes” in the same chat. To ensure security measures and data protection, in some procedures you will receive a 6-digit digital code via SMS, which you must write upon request.

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This wizard can solve other types of questions, so you are asked to contact TOBi colloquially. If the bot is not able to answer your questions, you will still have personal interest over the phone. This communication channel does not replace Vodafone’s private channels, it is a simple way to solve minor problems.

“Vodafone makes this communication channel available to WhatsApp users to facilitate certain procedures with its customers and speed up obtaining general information about users’ actions, products and services.”

New Customer Service Channel

This new channel has been added to other forms of support for private customers, among which are free calls to 22123 (22,122 for the self-employed and companies).

SIM card from Vodafone

SIM card from Vodafone

With the arrival of Vodafone Assistant on WhatsApp, the brand’s digitization of the relationship with its customers has been enhanced, which the app continues to drive Vodafonewhich continues to be the main point of contact for its customers and the most used application in the telecom sector in 2021, with more than 100 million visits and a penetration of 70%.

This digital ecosystem has enabled the company to reduce costs by up to 40%, making the digital channel more efficient for the operator.

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