Virgin River 3, Netflix Announces Date And Reveals: ‘There Will Be A Funeral’

Written by Claudia Ciavarella, on May 29, 2021, at Serie & Film Tv

Virgin River Advances 3: Netflix announces the date of new episodes and reveals the plot

The news that viewers have been waiting for has finally arrived. In the past few hours, Netflix revealed the history of Virgin River 3. With a major progression compared to what was initially expected, the TV series by Martin Henderson e Alexandra Breckenridge It will land on the popular streaming platform on Friday, July 9. The ten unreleased episodes, whose filming has already ended, will bring new adventures to the stage Jack and Mel The dramatic development of the slopes proposed at the conclusion of the second season. In particular, it was reported TvLine, The plot, which undergoes a consistent time-hopping, will be enriched with new stories and the following will appear:

Funeral, fire, divorce, hurricane and a new love story in a season full of ups and downs that will keep fans in suspense.

Virgin River 3, Previews: The Complete Cast To Be In The New Episodes

Although the curiosity of the viewers was kept high, the promo for Virgin River 3 The identity of the characters in question has not been revealed, it is practically certain that all of the actors present in the first two seasons will also return in the ten unseen episodes available on Netflix From Friday 9 July. Also Daniel GillisIn fact, she will continue to appear in flashbacks as Mel’s late husband, Mark. Zibby Allen and Stacey Farber will also be joined by the original cast. The first, described as an intelligent, tough, courageous and very funny attorney, will show Jack’s sister’s face. The second, however, will play Lilly’s sister: Tara Anderson.

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Virgin River 3 preview, Sue Tenney reveals: ‘We’ll give Jack time to recover’

Finally, the most recent Previews on the Virgin River 3 They come directly from the viewer of the series. Talk to microphones TvLineAnd the Sue Teny It was actually revealed document He will bravely face the sad diagnosis already announced at the conclusion of the second season. Illness, however, can create a few problems with Hopes. About the people responsible for the shot he hit Jack, Instead, the screenwriter stated the following:

This puzzle has the potential to appear over several seasons. Regardless of who pulled the trigger, we can expect a big jump in time that will give Jack time to recover.

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