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For years the immigration problem was just unfortunate. We have addressed this issue and for the first time in Carinthia we have presented a clear and tailored action plan to strengthen the regions,” County Councilor Martin Gruber After the government meeting. With the help of a comprehensive demographic examination, survey and online workshops at the Carinthian level, six regional strategies have been developed. On the one hand, it shows the unique selling points specific to individual regions, but it also contains concrete proposals for measures.

Specific goals specific to each region

The regional strategy of Lower Carinthia refers in particular to the potential of the site that results from the Coralm Railway, and Hermagor wants to use the border post with Italy as a USP. These are examples of focal points and specific goals that should ultimately contribute to “the development of rural areas into a ‘space of opportunity’ where residents can find development prospects,” Gruber emphasizes. Regional development is a cross-sectional issue, which is why a common approach is now needed at different decision-making levels so that these strategies can be implemented.

“The Rural Master Plan is a guiding framework that should be implemented through corresponding projects, measures and political decisions,” said the county council.

Regionalentwicklungsreferent LR Martin Gruber

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