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The glaciers The Swiss recorded the worst melting rate in more than a century of measurements. The Alps have lost 6% of their volume, nearly doubling since the previous record in 2003, according to the Swiss Academy of Sciences’ Glacier Committee. Hot summers combined with low snowfall in winter were the main reasons for the exacerbation of this phenomenon.

More than half of the glaciers are found in the Alps Swiss, where temperatures are rising by about twice the global average. In the video accompanying this news you can see the consequences climate change in the region. Some of the rocks, which had been buried for thousands of years, resurfaced and some small glaciers disappeared. Rising temperatures have melted the poles and caused waterfalls in the region.

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A view of the Tschierva glacier from the Alp Ota, in 1935 and 2022.


The Swiss Academy of Sciences expects the scale of glacier loss to worsen in the future. “The year 2022 was a terrible year for glaciers: all melting records were broken,” the academy said in a statement. On average, three to four meters of ice thickness was lost. Which means that a layer of this width has been removed from every glacier in Switzerland.

Scientists stated that the short-term melting cannot be stopped. The United nations He warned that if greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, the Alpine glaciers will lose more than 80% of their current mass by 2100.

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