Video games can make kids smarter

According to a recent study by Vrije University Amsterdam and Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet, video games should unite Positive effect on children’s intelligence to have. The study included more than 9,000 girls and boys across the United States, to examine the relationship between cognitive development and screen habits. Children and their parents should indicate the amount of time they spend with any media each day. 5,000 children were tested for two consecutive years as part of the study.

(not) a surprising result

These tests examined aspects such as vocabulary, language comprehension, memory, or visual processing of information. According to the study, after two years, playing video games appeared to increase intelligence. The intelligence of people who played mainly during the two years tended to make the biggest leap compared to their peers. Similar effects can be achieved, for example, using Use of social media or television can not be determined.

According to the study, these results are consistent with what has been learned about the cognitive effects of video games from other experimental studies. In the study, genetic and social differences such as parental education level and control were also considered.

Study limitations

However, Torkel Kleinberg, professor of cognitive neuroscience in the Karolinska Institutet’s Department of Neuroscience, also points out several limitations of the study. For example, the effects of children’s screen habits on their sleep patterns or school performance have not been examined. Both sides likely play an important role, especially for parents when dealing with kids’ screen habits.

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