Video: A universal language between generations

It’s as if it was yesterday when many of us took up the phone line to access the internet, creating endless family arguments to stop someone from making calls while browsing. This may be an incredible story for the new generations who have grown up with technology in the palm of their hands and Faucet Far from endless knowledge and information. To give us an idea of ​​how much it changed access to the web, at that very moment our computer was being used to connect – all the while making that series of hard-to-describe, but recognizable noises by millions of Gen Xers and Millennials – Today more than 6.5 million searches Online6 million purchases were made online, 231 million emails were sent and nearly 4 million videos were watched. That is, in just 60 seconds it is possible to learn something new, while at twenty they can review their school lessons over and over again.

Whether in long or short form, the video has certainly not only managed to stay current over the years but has also been able to find new skins and formats that continue to capture the attention of the masses. According to IFT data, Mexicans spend 3.2 hours a day watching them online, 8 percentage points more than that recorded for consuming audiovisual content online, a year ago. This data reflects the importance it has taken in its daily commute. But is it just a question of youth? according to Nelson In their study of intergenerational lifestyles, millennials are the people who have a bad reputation for being connected all the time to their devices, however, they found that older participants, such as Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation, were more distracted at mealtime and to a greater degree than teens, from 8 to 10 per cent more.

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Although the video does not care about age, it is not surprising that the younger generations are the main consumers of the formula, as it is an easy way to digest information. Google made a vote To find out the reasons for their consumption, the study showed that half of millennials and Generation Z cannot imagine their lives without videos; The main reasons to watch them are because it helps them relax, delve into a topic or learn something new. The prevalence of video content related to sectors such as the games And music throughout the entire digital ecosystem is definitive proof of how video engages these generations in their daily lives. And while many think they only want to watch short-form content, GWI I found the long format took its place, which explains the popularity of tutorials and vlogs. So the world of multimedia is not only enjoyed within a minute, but then … it is not only enjoyed through a mobile device, but continues on practically any type of screen.

When exploring the type of content Boomers vs. Millennials and Gen Z, it can be seen that these are more likely to seek out content produced by both professional and amateur creators, consuming mostly user-generated content, but still sharing a taste with their biggest when watching videos with more minutes. It is enough to think and pay attention to the way the variety and quantity of content is constantly increasing across more and more platforms, to also understand that today’s audiences require complete control over what they see and when they do, regardless of what age range is found. The evolution is clear and regardless of the generation, every day the video will be present in our lives, and the future will determine how it will be to reach them, whether through clickAnd FaucetAnd Criticize or anything else.

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* Bruno Cicero en Video Master Lead for YouTube

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