Verein Einzigzig works for openness towards LGBT*IQ

“We are known for being an association on campus and communicating with school social workers and guidance teachers”: Daniel Diedrich (front from left), Treasurer Helga Müller, Youth Group Leader Pauline Gross (back from left) and Ann Katherine Krack working for the Einzigartig für Association social tolerance.

Verein Einzigzigig in der Wedemark supports young people who are looking for their gender identity, who want to define it for themselves and who do not want to hide it. The team reported during a visit by Mayor Helge Zeklinsky, that those who come out as gay are often rejected and marginalized by others. To change that, Einzigartig also goes directly to schools.

Mellendorf. There are now 22 rainbow-colored benches in public spaces and in private gardens in Wiedemark. They attract attention – and that’s exactly what they’re supposed to do: rainbow benches suggest that racism and discrimination have no place here. Verein Einzigzig stands for such projects and is open to anyone who would like to know more or would like to get involved. Young people who want to find their way without being humiliated or marginalized find cohesion in their group in the association.

Pauline Gross leads the youth group. Society should be open to everyone who is looking for his sexuality and gender identity, who decides for himself and does not want to hide this, this is his goal. For the majority of society, LGBT*IQ (see info box) may just be a series of messages, but for Pauline Große and other young people this leads to inhibitions and limitations in everyday life. When they go out and talk openly with their peers, family, or teachers, these young people are often rejected. Because they change their behavior or give themselves new names and they don’t feel accepted. “Fag” is still one of the most common swear words, says Große. Therefore, young people usually dare to go out only after finishing school.

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