Verbal and physical abuse of athletes for three decades

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Australian sport is reviving one of the worst aspects of sport. Which shows his darker side that has been hidden for decades. It is about the abuse and harassment that has been around for years in some countries like United State From which few countries managed to escape. Now it was Australia Who discovered an important network of cases of this type.

The country’s leadership has apologized after learning through an outside investigation that there have been many cases in recent years that have tarnished the national image and good reputation of Australian sport.

The Western Australian Sports Institute The body was responsible for publishing the aforementioned investigation proving irregularities committed in the discipline of gymnastics with athletes, most of whom were young people. Australia has already apologized for the kinds of events that are now being played out and is already looking into ways to help both victims and new generations along the way so they don’t have to go through these situations.

Australian gymnast during the 2020 Melbourne Gymnastics World Cup

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Abuses in Australian sport

Australia has not been able to hide this now-defunct gymnastics situation in which several cases of abuse have been exposed. For this reason, the country has had to publicly apologize in the face of what is already considered a historical scandal and this could represent before and after investigations of this type of event within the national sport.

Investigations have been carried out by SIAThe sporting integrity australiawho studied on a case-by-case basis all the complaints collected between 1987 and 2016 related to the world of sport, especially gymnastics, to clarify what happened in each case, find out who was the culprit and find out how the events occurred.

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In this way, it was possible to establish a pattern of behaviors to find out why they occurred according to the situations and how this affected the athletes who were often young. Despite the fact that it was an investigation corresponding to a time period of more than three decades, clear trends proving the existence of these violations were verified.

Although they did not state it explicitly, they are satisfied that many of the reported events occurred as documented: “It is reasonably possible that some gymnasts suffered abuse and/or harm.” Thus, it includes within these categories crimes such as subjecting to verbal and physical abuse, persecuting with humiliation in cases of alleged obesity of gymnasts and even performing unnecessary skin tests. All to undermine the morale of the athletes and control their minds.

Within the physical abuse also, the situations suffered by many of these athletes who were forced to train and compete despite sustaining an injury, causing real damage to their bodies, are indicated.

The gymnast turns his back on the balance beam.

The gymnast turns his back on the balance beam.


Changes made

With these investigations now emerging, it is expected that significant progress will be made to deal with this type of situation in the future and to be able to help athletes more quickly. king Sports Integrity Australia recognized that the courage shown by many of the athletes who were victims of these events to tell their stories and provide names and dates that would allow the investigation to take place was fundamental to the implementation of this project.

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The courage the gymnasts show in telling their stories will make all the difference. One of the main reasons why these behaviors can occur is the lack of appropriate independent oversight mechanisms … or a means for filing complaints.”

Now, the Social Impact Assessment highlights that these mechanisms are already in place to root out these behaviors that ultimately lead to really serious crimes and the destruction of these girls, not only for their careers, but for their private lives. Macleanof the Institute of Sport in Western Australia, who had to contend after these issues revealed by the SIA study, apologized to the victims and celebrated the bravery of the complainants: “To the women who have reported such horrific experiences we have listened” to those who have suffered abuse and harm, we apologize “.

It is now expected that there may be reprisals against the perpetrators while trying to build a new sports ecosystem out of these struggles that have already been experienced in other sports such as GermanyAnd United kingdom Above all, the United States.

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