Venezuela’s president endorses the path of socialism

“We are heading towards a new prosperity, towards a new stage of well-being, towards Bolivarian socialism,” the Venezuelan president stressed, speaking to a popular focus in a salute to the twentieth anniversary of the civil-military uprising that re-established the constitutional thread. State April 11, 2002.

The head of state stressed that the government of Venezuela will redouble its efforts to restore all schools, secondary schools (middle and high schools) and universities in the country, in addition to working to strengthen Barrio Adentro’s health mission.

He added that the authorities are implementing measures to sustainably restore workers’ wages and maintain control over inflation, and also announced a special plan to restore the purchasing power of retirees and retirees in the country.

The president called on the people to believe in effort and patriotic action to open the doors of economic prosperity and achieve maximum social happiness for the South American nation.

Likewise, the sheikh insisted on the importance of combating the manifestations of bureaucracy and corruption that plagued important state institutions.

Venezuela needs big changes. He stressed that the real revolution is the revolution that has the ability to see itself from the inside, revolutionize itself, change itself and adapt to the times in speeches, politics and action.

Also marking the celebration of Bolivarian National Militia Day, Maduro highlighted the strength of the civil-military federation, which arose in the April 13, 2002 popular uprising against the coup.

The President called for a move towards a higher stage of integration between the people and the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB).

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In this regard, he stated that the Bolivarian Militia is an expression of a civil-military union, comprising four million and 500 thousand armed soldiers, of whom 700 thousand are constantly exercising the tasks of defending national sovereignty.

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