Valentine’s Day “lands” in America and reaches New York schools

Christiana Pegoraro on call from New York

“I am honored to receive this recognition as a Tierney artist and artist. Valentine’s Day Personality – I have announced Christiana Pegoraro In the video link from New York You’ve always been with me since I was a kid and a part of being Tierney. I will have the honor of spreading its history and promoting the region through my artistic and popular activity in the world. I have collaborated with IACE, the Italian-American Commission on Education in New York, for more than 25 years, and I am sure that this presentation and new collaboration with the Municipality of Terni can be an excellent start in introducing the character of Saint. Among young Americans and not only.”

Promoting Valentine’s Day in three states on the East Coast of the United States: New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

The municipal administration, through the Valentine’s Events Department, has in fact initiated a conversation in recent months with IACE and with the Narnia Festival, of which Cristiana Pegoraro is artistic director, for a process to promote the character of Valentine in three states in the East. US Coast: New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.
“The goal of the project is to tell US citizens, in this case children who study Italian in schools, the character of Valentine, and provide objective evidence, and historical material, allowing them to identify the character of Valentine’s Day, so popular in America, celebrated on February 14, But his true history is unknown abroad and perhaps not even his actual existence. Consequently, American students from nearly 300 schools will participate in a contest on the history of Valentine’s Day, in which we aim to highlight the saint’s relationship to the city of Terni and our lands”.
The prize for the winners will be a trip to Italy, and in particular a visit to Umbria in Terni and the places of the Saint of Lovers.

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The IACE It is an institution that promotes Italian language and culture in schools, in the three states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and manages funds from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation under the auspices of the Consulate General of New York. In particular, IACE supports around 65,000 Italian students in 275 schools offering Italian curriculum programmes, from kindergarten to high school.
“from our side He said from New York Lycia TonitoACE Educational Projects Coordinator – We welcome this initiative with great enthusiasm. We will immediately begin to reveal it and expect a great participation, bearing in mind the interest that Italian culture has always aroused in our schools.”

“Valentine’s Day in Terni”

Competition Organized by Iace is titled “Valentine’s Day and Turnney”. American students will be asked to create a multimedia work on the theme of the character of the saint. the prize For the winners, it will be a 7-day stay in Terni in February 2023. In Terni there will be the official awards ceremony of the competition during the Valentinian events. The Municipality of Terni, through funds derived from Marmore Falls, will bear the travel and hospitality expenses of the winners and one of their companions. The competition will be held in December and It will be presented in New York on November 16 on the occasion of the concert that will be presented by Cristiana Pegoraro, The world-famous pianist from Tierney and artistic director of the Narnia Festival, which took place at the prestigious festival Carnegie Hall. On that occasion it will also be presented to the spectators A video dedicated to Terni and Valentine’s DayWith the performance of Cristiana Pegoraro. The video is an artistic journey inside the Basilica of San Valentino, with images of the saint’s relics and artwork representing him, on notes of “The Colors of Love”, the original composition of Cristiana Pegoraro.

During the concert at Carnegie Hall, which was promised to be sold out and attended by diplomats from the United Nations, Italian institutions in New York, international journalists and cultural figures, Council member Maurizio Sicconelli will publicly hand over responsibility to Cristiana Pegoraro. Declaration on behalf of the municipality of Terni “For her commitment to becoming a global ambassador for Terni, Umbria and San Valentino through music and her extraordinary talent.”

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